Jackson Lahmeyer, a candidate challenging U.S. Sen. James Lankford in this year's Republican primary, has issued a press statement critical of Lankford and Jim Inhofe (the state's senior senator) and focused on the U.S. Supreme Court's controversial precedent in the case of ‘McGirt v. Oklahoma.’
In a statement sent to The Oklahoma City Sentinel in late January, Lahmeyer said the two senators "should immediately sponsor legislation in the U.S. Congress to repeal the McGirt decision."
His release criticized the High Court for upholding McGirt "and to limit ... review to issues pertaining to the prosecution of crimes on Native American reservations."
"In limiting their ruling to the question of the application of criminal law on Native lands, the Supreme Court sidestepped the greater issue of taxation and regulation of private property rights," said Lahmeyer, an Owasso minister, businessman and conservative activist. He is is challenging Senator Lankford, the state’s junior senator, in the 2022 Oklahoma Republican U.S. Senate primary.
"Under the McGirt decision, the Native American tribes recognized in Oklahoma would have the authority to both tax and regulate the private property, homes, and farmland of non-Native Oklahomans," said Lahmeyer.
The press release from Lahmeyer pointed out that his Senate candidacy has been endorsed by “Oklahoma Republican State Party Chairman John Bennett, former Trump National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, and longtime national Republican strategist and Trump advisor Roger Stone.”
Lahmeyer continued, "The power to tax and regulate property rights in eastern Oklahoma are at stake here as although tribes don’t have jurisdiction over non-Indians and their businesses they very well may have tax and regulation jurisdiction over property rights on properties owned by half the citizens of Oklahoma."
Lahmeyer also said, "Under the McGirt decision, the Indian Nations could have the right to tax and regulate private property owned by Oklahoma citizen.”
Lahmeyer continued, "The Supreme Court's decision is unacceptable. We need a political leader willing to side with the overwhelming majority of Oklahoma citizens, tribal and non-tribal, who believe we should have equal application of the law as citizens of the state.
"The McGirt decision needs to be repealed via Congress."

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