Dr, Randy and Shelley Grellner

From left, Shelley Grellner with her husband, Dr. Randy Grellner of Cushing. They are the parents of two children.

Oklahoma City — Americans are still suffering from the highest inflation in two generations, with a 41-year high being reached in April. Gas prices took the lead at an increase of 46.3 percent, with energy showing an increase of 30.3 percent and food prices increasing 9.4 percent, continuing a huge strain on Americans.
Inflation is out of control due to the failure of career politicians in Washington who continue to put their own selfishness and their special interest group funders ahead of the American people,” said Dr. Randy Grellner, candidate for the four-year U.S. Senate term on the June 28 Republican primary ballot.
It’s time for the American people to elect people who care about them back in charge in D.C.”
Fox News recently released a new poll conducted June 3 – 6 by Quinnipiac University. Americans said inflation is the most urgent issue facing the country.
A release from the Grellnr campaign asserted, “Despite the huge spike in gas prices, the Biden administration has slowed domestic production to nearly a halt by halting the Keystone Pipeline project, canceling oil and gas leases in Alaska and the Gulf and placing additional restrictions on drilling and producers while blaming everything from Russia to refineries here at home.”
This is a direct result of the greed of career politicians who want to stay in power instead of serving the American people. This responsibility lies on elected officials who have continually
shown preference to special interest groups by supporting far-left liberal policies instead of watching out for America,” Grellner said.
It’s time we put the needs of the American people first. They need fighters in Washington, and I will help lead that fight.”
Grellner observed that while the U.S. House voted to send $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, the Biden administration is buying 10 percent of America’s oil from Russia, Ukraine’s enemy.
Days ago, Biden said there is little he can do to bring down the price of gasoline or food soon and acknowledged the prices of those and other goods will continue to remain high.
However, Grellner and others point to the fact there are many things he could do such as reopening the Keystone Pipeline, rolling back regulations imposed by the administration, and working with oil and production companies instead of forcing Americans to suffer financially to satisfy the radical left.
That’s the insanity of Washington and the long-term career politicians we have running our government,” Grellner said.
Grellner has waged an aggressive campaign, despite the controversial decision of Griffin Communications (owner of CBS News affiliates in Oklahoma City and Tulsa) to keep him out of a televised debate among selected candidates.
In the end, only four of the aspirants for the Senate seat that Jim Inhofe is vacating in November were on the broadcast stage. Missing were the apparent front-runner, U.S. Rep. MarkWayne Mullin, and Grellner, who has in some polls been running in fourth or third place in recent days.
Dr. Grellner, a physician from Cushing, operates a family cow-calf operation. Like the late Dr. Tom Coburn – former Oklahoma Senator – is largely “self-funding” his campaign. He has pledged to serve only two terms and always pursue an “America First” agenda, if elected.
Note: Pat McGuigan of The Oklahoma City Sentinel contributed to this report.

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