Trump and Mullin
Former President Donald Trump, at left; U.S. Senator MarkWayne Mullin, at right.
President Donald Trump hailed his 2024 presidential campaign endorsement by Oklahoma's new United States Senator, Markwayne Mullin.
His comments came before supporters at his Palm Beach estate, Mar-a-Lago, last Thursday night ((February 23), according to two sources who spoke to the Patriot Sentinel & The City Sentinel.
"Senator Markwayne Mullin is a fighter and precisely the kind of person I want on my side heading into 2024," Trump told a party during the Mar-a-Lago event
"I'm proud to have Markwayne Mullin's support. Anyone who knows him, knows he will always fight to make America great."
"Markwayne Mullin is a loyal, loyal guy," the 45th President told the group he met with Thursday.
"He's also fearless and courageous, the kind of person we need in the fight to save this country," Trump said. "I'm proud to have his endorsement."
On February 10, Mullin became the fifth Republican U.S. Senator to endorse Trump's 2024 comeback. In comments about Trump which were provided to The City Sentinel, Mullin said:
"I'm proud to endorse the strongest president of my lifetime, Donald J. Trump, for a second term in 2024. President Trump is the architect of our America First movement. He is a proven champion for our conservative values, and a fearless leader on the world stage.
“In just four years, President Trump delivered great results for the American people. He lowered taxes, secured American energy independence, protected our Second Amendment, and never backed down from the radical Left threatening our way of life.
“President Trump is exactly the president we need to lead this country through the tough road ahead. Not only am I proud to endorse President Trump, I’m proud to call him my friend."
In last year's Oklahoma Republican U.S. Senate primary, Trump endorsed Mullin over former Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon in the primary runoff. Shannon's campaign seemed to collapse in the wake of Trump's runoff endorsement.
Then the U.S. Representative from Oklahoma’s Second Congressional District, Mullin’s campaign to replace James Inhofe (who had just been reelected in 2020) turned into an easy win.
Trump's warm thanks for Mullin's endorsement came in the wake of news that Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt attended a gathering in Palm BeachFlorida last weekend which was hosted by that state’s Governor Ron DeSantis. The Sunshine State’s chief executive is widely considered to be preparing a challenge to Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.
"Gov. Stitt believes Ron DeSantis has done an excellent job leading as Florida’s governor, especially through COVID, supporting law enforcement, reforming education and supporting parental rights,” Carly Atchison, a spokesperson for Stitt, who previously met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago told Politico.
Asked if Stitt's comments on his Florida colleague constituted an endorsement of DeSantis, Atchison told The City Sentinel, "No, it does not."
Trump is so popular among Oklahoma Republicans that the early endorsement of the former president could be interpreted as a politically deft maneuver, intended to head off potential challengers when Mullin seeks reelection in 2026.

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