klahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, 
Kevin Stitt, chief executive for the State of Oklahoma, announced Monday (July 12) formation of a state government task force – to include representatives of private sector groups – to advance the efforts of Crisis Pregnancy Centers and others already working to support unborn children and their mothers.
In Executive Order 2022-14, Stitt wrote:
“When I ran for governor, I promised to sign every piece of pro-life legislation to come across my desk. I have done that; and now, Oklahoma is the most pro-life state in the country. But out work is not yet done. Being pro-life entails more than being ‘pro-birth’ it also entails renewing our efforts to support mothers throughout pregnancies, especially crisis pregnancies. While Oklahoma already has a strong network of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, I want to ensure all possible measures are taken to support both the unborn and mothers during crisis pregnancies. …:
In the Executive Order (EO), Governor Stitt ordered “the formation of the Helping Every Life and Parent Task Force (‘Task Force’).”
He directed the task force to “study, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding policies, programs and proposed legislation” with these objectives in mind:
1. Support Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Oklahoma;
2. Eliminate unnecessary barriers to adoption;
3. Encourage and provide resources to our communities to support motehrs faced with an unplanned pregnancy;
4. Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly in support of Oklahoma mothers and families;
5. Educate Oklahomans on the reality of life in the womb; and
6. Empower nonprofits organizations and local faith communities to efficiently support families and mothers before, during and after childbirth. ...”
Stitt detailed that members of the HELP Task Force would include members of the executive branch (or their designees” including the attorney general, as well as legislative leaders and specified Cabinet members, as well as three “representatives from nonprofit organizations or local faith communities specializing in pregnancy care and support; … a licensed obstetrician-gynecologist; and … a representative of the faith community operating a crisis pregnancy center.”
Stitt directed through the CO that the task force will submit to him, the Senate Pro Tempore and the House Speaker “a report on or before October 28, 2022, detailing its findings and recommendations.”
Former State Senate President Pro Temp Brian Bingman, now Secretary of State, attested the EO and issued it in compliance with state law.

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