The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is bringing to the American Spanish-speaking community a Spanish-language personal training course. 
Phoenix, Arizona ( -- The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), a world leader in the personal training certification and holistic wellness industry, is proud to bring to market its Spanish-translated personal training course, aimed at serving the growing Spanish-speaking community.
The new course will provide Spanish-speaking students with the opportunity to receive certified personal training in their preferred language. T
o ensure absolute accuracy and clarity in communication, and the highest quality training sessions, ISSA has partnered with a professional language translation and interpretation service and educated ISSA trainers in the language.
"The power of fitness and education knows no language barriers. By translating our personal training course from English to Spanish, we are opening up a world of knowledge and opportunity to Spanish-speaking individuals and empowering them to reach their full potential," said ISSA CEO Andrew Wyant.
"Our goal is to meet people where they are and support students of all languages and backgrounds. That's why I'm proud we're beginning our mission in Spanish."
Note: This story was prepared for posting by Pat McGuigan of The City Sentinel, drawing from a press release received from, a service that works with newspapers around the world. To see the original version of their transmission, visit here:
The Spanish-translated personal training course will be available online and will include a fully translated learning experience. “ISSA will also be marketing the course effectively to the Spanish-speaking community through Spanish-language media, social media, and community outreach programs,” the organization’s release stated.
In the press sent sent to The City Sentinel, ISSA said it is “committed to providing high-quality personal training services to all customers, regardless of language. With the launch of its Spanish-translated personal training course, the company continues to make strides in promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the fitness industry.”
Note: The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is is described in promotional literature as “a global leader in the personal training certification industry. For more than 30 years, ISSA has been committed to providing innovative and science-based fitness education that creates a pathway for people to pursue their passion. In addition to their Personal Training Certification, ISSA offers 24 fitness specializations, including senior fitness, exercise therapy, and corrective exercise. To date, ISSA has educated more than 400,000 students across 174 countries, all while creating additional opportunities to promote a healthier world:”

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