U.S. Representative Stephanie Bice, R-Oklahoma City. Official U.S. House Photo

U.S. Representative Stephanie Bice, R-Oklahoma City. Official U.S. House Photo

Since Democrats took control of Washington, this country has taken a sharp left turn. Our nation has experienced rampant inflation, a wide-open border, and endless government spending. Sadly, it’s the American people, and my fellow Oklahomans, who are bearing the brunt of these crippling policy decisions.
Democrats have made everyday life for Americans unaffordable, especially for those who have low or fixed incomes.
Inflation is at a 40-year high, which is costing the average household over $8,000 a year. These skyrocketing prices can be linked to the president’s legislative agenda and executive orders which have left taxpayers with a multi-trillion-dollar price tag.
Furthermore, his anti-American energy policies have had a trickledown effect on our entire economy. Gas prices have been at record highs and heating and electricity bills have become unaffordable for nearly a quarter of Americans.
Sadly, these costs will only skyrocket as we enter the winter months. These are only some of the direct consequences of halting production in America, which has also made us dependent on foreign adversaries, posing a severe risk to our national security.
The Democrats' open border policies also threaten our country’s safety and security. There have now been around 80 suspected terrorists apprehended and over 12,000 pounds of deadly fentanyl has been seized this fiscal year alone.
With roughly 8,000 illegal immigrants crossing daily, it’s incredibly concerning to think about what and who is evading the overwhelmed border patrol agents. Creating an open border has only emboldened criminals and made the U.S. less safe.
Although there are many other pressing issues caused by full Democrat control of Washington, the bottom line is that our nation is in crisis, and they have no plan to alleviate the pain they have caused the American people.
Luckily, Republicans have solutions. We recently unveiled our Commitment to America, which will create an economy that’s strong, a nation that’s safe, a future that’s built on freedom, and a government that’s accountable.
I look forward to highlighting each of these pillars throughout the next month to fully lay out the concrete, tangible plan my colleagues and I have developed to get our country back on track.
We are fortunate to live in the best country in the world, and I am particularly grateful to represent a region that truly embodies the foundation of our great nation.
I am dedicated to delivering real results, fighting for Oklahomans, and reviving the American dream. This is my commitment to Oklahoma’s Fifth District.  
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