Lahmeyer shirt
Remembering “the good old days”? Jackson Lahmeyer is pictured wearing the shirt his wife, Kendra, gave him for Father’s Day this year. Their five children were in on the fun.
Jackson Lahmeyer has been upbeat throughout the duration of his U.S. Senate campaign.
Armed with endorsements by those such as Roger Stone, Trump consultant, and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the Tulsa Pastor is challenging U.S. Senator James Lankford in the Republican primary.
But developments in in recent weeks had the Tulsa candidate really pumped.
Stoked by a Straw Poll and and Pumped from a Poll, Lahmeyer Spreads some Good News
A Tulsa County Republican Men’s Club Straw Poll has him with 50 percent of the vote to 44 percent for Lankford. If no contender earns more than 50 percent of the vote it will force a runoff. Six percent were undecided in the straw poll.
A poll from Just Oklahoma Data has been released which surveyed 503 Likely Republican Primary Voters in the State of Oklahoma.
The survey was conducted from June 1-3, 2022 and focused on four of the statewide elections (U.S. Senate, Governor & Attorney General).
In a press statement Lahmeyer said, “The poll results concerning our race against RINO James Lankford are similar to the internal polls we have run since January of this year, the Tulsa pastor said. “Here is what we know from every poll we conduct: Lankford cannot break 50% and each month we continue to gain ground among the undecideds.”
Over the last 14 months he has also been endorsed by General Michael Flynn, Sebastian Gorka, Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, Oklahomans For Health and Parental Rights and many others. Recently, the Oil and Gas Workers Association joined in.
“I am beyond grateful to receive the endorsement of the Oil and Gas Workers Association. This is by far one of the most important endorsements I have received so far. Visit to learn more,” Lahmeyer said.
The Bible says it is better to give than to receive.
Pastor Lahmeyer took that to heart last week. Pumped by what he deems positive trends, he issued a passionate endorsement for Oklahoma Attorney General John O'Connor, who is battling Tulsa attorney Gentner Drummond for the GOP nomination for the top legal post in state government.
Praise for A.G. John O'Connor
"In the job of Attorney General John O'Connor has stood up for Oklahomans and filed 15 lawsuits against the Biden Administration to fight their big government mandates to our state," said Lahmeyer in a June 19 statement sent to The Oklahoma City Sentinel and other news organizations.
Lahmeyer continued:
"Whether it is our second amendment rights, or resisting vaccination and mask mandates as well as acting to protect Oklahoma Energy Industry workers, John O'Connor has proven that he will fight for our sovereignty and our traditional Oklahoma values."
Lahmeyer continued, "Not only has John O'Connor proven that he has the legal skills and courage to stand up for Oklahoma against the leftist onslaught from Washington but the office of Attorney General should not be for sale.
"The last thing we need is an Attorney General who supported Joe Biden for President, but now seeks to purchase the office through massive, expensive television, cable, radio, and digital advertising."
Lahmeyer messaged his own supporters through his pro-O'Connor statement:
"I strongly urge all of my supporters to support John O'Connor as a man of courage, and Faith. Governor Stitt made a great decision when he appointed John O'Connor as Attorney General, and now we must be certain that he will be elected to that office."
Lahmeyer said his campaign has raised nearly $1 million in the campaign from around 10,000 individual donors and have held rallies all across the state of Oklahoma with thousands in attendance.
The candidate said in early June "WE WILL” close the gap against the front-runner in his own race.
Sketching the battle for a six-year job in D.C.
Lahmeyer is the principal challenger to incumbent U.S. Senator James Lankford in the June 28 GOP primary.
Also on the Republican ballot is Joan Farr, who filed on April 15, the last day candidates could gain ballot status.
In all, six Democrats filed to challenge for Lankford's seat: Jason Bollinger, Madison Horn, Arya Azma, Brandon Wade, Dennis L. Baker and Jo Glenn.
In the two party primaries, if no candidate receives a majority of the votes, a run-off election is scheduled for August 23.
The Libertarian Party nominee, Kenneth D. Blevins, and an Independent candidate, Michael Delaney, will face the Democratic and Republican winners in the November election.
Note: This is adapted and expanded from Martin's story in the primary edition print edition of The Oklahoma City Sentinel.  

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