Dr. Randy Grellner

My fellow Oklahomans:

As a family physician for 22 years I have witnessed what marijuana (THC) can do to my patients.
Risk of marijuana use:
* Marijuana can cause the loss of IQ of up to 8 points when people begin use at a young age
• Progressive Chronic lung disease such as emphysema and COPD
• Psychosis that causes visual and auditory hallucinations and paranoia
• Marital separation leading to divorce and the breakdown of the family • Violence that can lead to self-harm or harm to others
• Severe depression and suicide
• Research has shown people that use marijuana are more likely to have worse educational outcomes, lower career achievement and reduced life satisfaction.
• Increased still births, decreased birth weights and withdrawal symptoms in the newborn.
Tuesday, March 7 will be a critical tipping point in our state if we legalize recreational marijuana.
This bill was obviously written by the Marijuana industry and gives the companies all the advantages they have requested.
The THC concentrations that are unlimited by this bill are blatant negligence. Concentrations of 2-4% THC 20 years ago are being replaced with genetic modified plants that can have 40-45% THC. The manufactured concentrates can have a mind blowing 95-99% THC! Some Colorado THC products have a suicide hotline phone number on some of its concentrate packages to inform the user how to get help when they want to take their life.
Passage of S,Q. 820 will increase access to our youth and industry is aware of this fact. There are many studies that confirm this trend in states that legalize recreational marijuana. Why would we as citizens want to do business with this industry when they know our children are going to be harmed. This will lead to long term health issues like chronic lung disease, decreased academic performance, paranoia, depression and possible suicide. I deal with these issues in the office, and it makes me furious we are even thinking about recreational marijuana legalization. If this bill becomes law psychosis induced violence, increasing depression and unemployment will soon become familiar in our communities and neighborhoods.
Industry covets repeat customers to expand market share and ensure that they can meet growth expectations by Wall Street. The corporations are beholden to their shareholders even when it does not serve the interest of Oklahomans.
Families and individuals self-destruct in a form of bondage that is all consuming from all addictive behaviors and marijuana is no different.
We quickly forget that the Pharmaceutical Industry claimed Oxycontin was not addictive. We later learned of its path of destruction across this country.
The Cigarette and Tobacco industry led a misleading campaign that continues to kill millions with no end in sight.
This bill will have a catastrophic effects on our children, grandchildren and the family unit that has been the backbone of this great nation. We have all witnessed the carnage that marijuana has done to the youth in our communities and the current unreliable workforce that has emerged.
People have access to medical marijuana in Oklahoma. It is estimated the market value of recreational marijuana is twenty (20) times that of the medical marijuana market value. That brings to our communities more child neglect cases, homelessness, international cartels and criminal activity.
Fellow Oklahomans, we don’t need to go down this road of despair. Please call your friends and family and get out the “NO VOTE SQ 820”!
May God bless our families, the State of Oklahoma and The United States of America!  

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