U.S. Rep. Kevin Hern

A few days ago, when Jim Inhofe announced his retirement (effective this November) from his Senate seat, a frenzy of speculation began.
Some news stories have mentioned as many as a dozen possible candidates for the job.
Jim Inhofe himself tapped as his successor a trusted aide, Luke Holland.
U.S. Rep. Markwayne Mullin -- like Inhofe a rather reliable ally of Oklahoma’s Big Tribes -- announced his candidacy for the Senate, and others seem likely to follow.
The best choice for the job may be U.S. Rep. Kevin Hern of Tulsa, a Republican now in his third term in the U.S. House.
He understands the dynamic in Congress, but won’t sell-out to that dynamic.
He has established a strongly conservative voting record. He is independently wealthy.
The Trumpist base of the party seems to like him, yet one of his strengths is generally working well with others.
He is a workhorse, not a showhorse.
He has kept his promises and, unlike Mullin, understands that taxpayers pay his salary.
Hern can give a speech. He can write, and he thinks for himself.
I take him at his word. We do not know each other well.
I know him through his words, his actions, his record.
During the Pandemic, when federal government policies were shuttering businesses and schools all across America, Hern (who retains his McDonalds franchise interests), accepted COVID-19 PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) relief funds.
That saved an estimated 220 jobs. In 2020, he said, "This isn't a bailout. It's a repayment of what the government has taken away from American workers and businesses."
Sounds about right.
After the controversial 2020 presidential election, Rep. Hern was among the 126 Republican members of Congress who sought a detailed U.S. Supreme Court review of controversial aspects of the November 2020 results in Pennsylvania.
The case – a lawsuit brought by Texas against Pennsylvania’s controversial ballot procedures – was rejected by the High Court on technical grounds.
Hern has stuck to his guns, and his concerns about election integrity represent the views of millions of voters across America.
Of at least some note, Hern worked with Inhofe early in his tenure on asylum abuse issues.
And, Hern has been a leader in addressing one of the centers of evil in the contemporary world-- the oppressive communist government in mainland China.
Hern focused some considerable energy in his first full term in D.C. on the persistent lies about the origins of the COVID-10 pandemic.
He has been among those leaders speaking up against the regime’s abuse of the rights of citizens of faith.
As I reported in some detail for The Oklahoma City Sentinel, Rep. Hern has been focused on the “big picture” and the rather important details when it comes to the thugs the late Rush Limbaugh used to the call “the ChiComs.”
In one of my stories, I quoted Hern saying, “Laws exist that require universities to report foreign funding over $250,000 to the Department of Education, but so much can fall under the radar with a requirement that high. … There are currently no laws that require individual professors and departments to disclose funding directly to the American public. Universities and their professors occupy a position of public trust in this country, and public trust comes with an obligation for public transparency.”
The Biden Administration is in the process of dismantling a Trump-era program that sought to combat undue “ChiCom” influence in academia. The now-spiked program aimed at finding and rooting communist Chinese influence exercised through a variety of “academic” programs, including the controversial Confucius Institutes. Kevin Hern advocates for keeping communist Chinese influence out of American higher education.
Another time, I’ll walk through other aspects of Kevin Hern’s record.
The foregoing are the things most notable to me.
As the late, great Oklahoma newspaper legendy Leland Gourley often said, “A commentary is just one person’s opinion.”
Opinion: This might be U.S. Representative Kevin Hern’s time to become U.S. Senator Kevin Hern.

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