Dr. Randy Grellner
This week, Dr. Randy Grellner discussed his campaign in a prime time interview with KOCO-TV, the ABC news affiliate in Oklahoma City. Grellner is seeking the Republican U.S. Senate nomination for the four-year term created by the retirement of Jim Inhofe. 
Oklahoma City — In recent weeks many tragedies have struck our nation.
On June 1, tragedy struck in Tulsa when four people were killed at a hospital by a returning patient, including the doctor who had performed the surgery. The patient then killed himself as police arrived at the scene.
Over the past several years, public murders of this type have increased along with higher numbers of people with mental health issues due to stress, economy, jobs loss, lockdowns over the pandemic and more.
U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Randy Grellner says the answer is obvious.
“People are asking what has changed in our country that is making tragedies like this more common, and the answer is simple,” Grellner said.
“These events have increased as Americans have embraced the so-called ‘woke’ culture and began removing empathy, responsibility, and God from our communities, our schools, and our lives.”
Throughout history there have been criminals committing crimes, but over the past few years many people are asking what has happened to our country to cause what seems to be so many more violent crimes that take many lives at once. Grellner thinks there is a direct correlation between the removal of these basic societal factors and the focus more on self instead of others.
“It is appalling to think in the past few months there has been such a huge movement by liberal politicians and those running our government to defund police, remove religious worship, and
instill in our rising generation the idea of do what you want without consequences in the name of tolerance,” he said. “While career politicians have been focused on serving special interest
groups and enriching themselves as elitists, the American public has been pushed into the woke liberal and anti-American philosophy of no empathy and no responsibility of caring for their community and for others. This needs to change and it is time to get the career politicians out of Washington and put common sense back into government.”
As a doctor and a first responder, Grellner sees first-hand the needs of everyday Americans, especially in rural areas like at his practice in Cushing. As a farmer and rancher, he sees the problems much of the driving force of the nation has seen in recent months.
“Many of the problems, health and otherwise, are because of the policies of long-term career politicians who do not put the American people first. Our economy is weak, inflation is skyrocketing, energy production is basically at a standstill, and many in government would like to see America simply answer to damaging, far-left liberal ideology. Career politicians, including some running against me in this race, would leave America behind to satisfy special interest groups who can line their pockets and increase their power and authority. It is time put the American people back in charge of America,” he said.
“That means teaching our young people responsibility, serving our neighbors, and putting God back into our communities.”

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