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OKLAHOMA CITY – The 2022 David Wade Memorial Active Attack Conference in partnership with Heartland Medical Direction will be held July 18 through 21, 2022 at Metro Technology Centers’ Springlake Campus in the Health Careers Center at 1720 Springlake Drive.
This year’s topics include lessons learned from the Sandy Hook Dispatch, and debriefs of the Pratt Warehouse attack in Aurora, Illinois and the Santa Fe School shooting.
The three-day agenda includes preconference sessions and courses on Monday and Tuesday, and conference lectures and exhibits on Wednesday and Thursday.
Monday’s preconference sessions include the 2022 Critical Care Skills Procedural Anatomy Cadaver course, a Basic Vehicle Extraction class with Metro Tech Fire Service Instructor, Mike Montgomery and a Single Officer Rapid Deployment course.
Metro Tech Adult Instructional Coordinator, Jason Lankford, said the hands-on opportunities, such as the Procedural Anatomy Cadaver preconference course, are invaluable to first responder training and when paired with team-oriented activities, participants are in for an insightful week.
“It is an honor and a privilege for Metro Tech to get to host this conference,” Lankford said.
“I truly believe first responders are better when we train together and that is exactly what this conference is designed to do.”
Also on Monday, Warrior’s Rest Foundation professionals will lead a Mental Health for the First Responder training featuring three sessions titled, “First Responder Wellness,” “Addiction in First Responders,” “First Responder Suicide Prevention / Intervention” and “Emotional Survival for First Responders.”
Tuesday’s preconference sessions include an EMS Instructor Update course, a Basic Life Saving Skills for the Firefighter course, a Critical Incident Response for Telecommunicators course and a Standard Field Sobriety Testing Refresher course.
The Wednesday lectures will begin with the two-part Aurora IL Debrief with perspectives from Aurora Fire Department’s Deputy Chief, David McCabe, Aurora Fire Department’s Assistant Chief of Support Services, Mark Matkovich and Aurora Police Department Commander Rick Robertson.
After lunch, Newton KS Communications Center Director of Communications, Maureen Will, will lead a presentation on the overview of the events of December 14th, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School from a Communications perspective. To end the day, Oklahoma Highway Patrol State Trooper James Lowe, will lead a Preservation of Evidence at Collision Scenes lecture.
Thursday will include a two-part lecture with President and CEO of Threat Suppression Inc, Dr. Mike Clumpner, who will provide an overview and case study of EMS response challenges during civil unrest operations in Austin during the summer of 2020.
Before the day is over, a presentation lead by Santa Fe Public School Police Department’s Assistant Police Chief, Gary Forward and City of Santa Fe Police Chief, Walter Braun will cover the response, mitigation, preparedness and recovery from the shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, on May 18, 2018.
Since 2019, the conference has been held in honor of Deputy Sheriff David James Wade, who was killed in the line of duty in 2017. Wade served not only the citizens of Logan County, but he was also a former member of the Oklahoma National Guard and was deployed on a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia as a member of the 179th Infantry. He received dual bachelor's degrees from the University of Central Oklahoma in both criminal justice and forensic science. Conference officials say the hope of the event is to enable other first responders to better serve their communities.
Medical Director at Heartland Medical Direction, Dr. Bill Wordon, said it is rare to have law enforcement, firefighter and EMS professionals train together, but the opportunity to do so can be increasingly beneficial to the first responder workforce.
“This conference is titled, ‘Bringing the Red and Blue Together,’” Dr. Wordon said.
“Learning the same things together can help them function as a team to help better serve the public.”
For more details about the event and information on how you can attend the 2022 David Wade Memorial Active Attack Conference click here: :
About Metro Technology Centers: One of the largest and most diverse technology centers in Oklahoma, Metro Tech has four campuses offering short-term, career and customized business training. Campuses are located in South Oklahoma City, Northeast Oklahoma City, the Will Rogers Airport and Downtown Oklahoma City.  

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