Emma Laura Virginia Yandell, 31

Emma Laura Virginia Yandell, 31

An Oklahoma County Jail employee is behind bars and charged with soliciting, aiding, or inducing a child into an act of child pornography, after a random search uncovered she was in possession of a cell phone which held the illicit material.

Emma Laura Virginia Yandell, 31, was arrested by authorities Dec. 29 after a random search uncovered she was in possession of her personal cell phone, which she was not authorized to possess by jail administration.

After gaining consent from Yandell to search the phone two videos and a photo of a nude juvenile female were discovered.

According to the probable cause affidavit on file, these videos depicted a 12 - 14 year-old exposing her breasts, buttocks, and vagina, while sitting in a bathtub full of bubbles. The report went on to say the juvenile was "touching her breast in a provocative way" and "shaking her buttocks to the view of the camera".

When confronted with the videos Yandell told an investigator with the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Special Investigations Unit that her juvenile son sent her the videos and the photo some time between January and May of 2021. Yandell went on to tell investigators she contacted police at that time to report the videos and the photo.

Yandell provided investigators a time, address, and cell phone number, to help authorities track down her call to report the finding of the illicit materials, but no such call was discovered to have been made. 


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