Members of the Oklahoma City Police Department (OCPD) Vice and Human Trafficking Units conducted a two day sting operation in an effort to curve illegal prostitution and human trafficking. The two day operation took place on October 4th and 5th and resulted in the arrest and apprehension of over a dozen suspects who were attempting to purchase sex illegally.

According to OCPD Msgt Gary Knight, a number of women and girls were dropped off in the vicinity of South Robinson where the operation took place. "We found that a number of girls were dropped off and they were quickly apprehended for offering prostitution services," said Knight. 

During the operation one juvenile runaway was apprehended who was listed missing out of Houston, Texas.  

Men Charged: Offering to Engage in an act of prostitution

Spores, Delbert                                 4/15/1984            22-72100

Molina Calderon, Jose                    7/9/1999              22-72101

Lopez, Tito                                          2/6/1965              22-72115

Cortez, Alexis Alonso                     9/8/1998              22-72116 

(Also will be charged with firearm in commission and possession with intent to distribute)

Alexander, Richard Bane               8/19/1959            22-72136

Sosa, Johnathan Michael               11/21/1986         22-72141

Robertson, Curtis Leroy                 8/19/1974            22-72147

Little, Jeff Harlon                              8/27/1938            22-72156

Valdez De La Torre, Jesus             8/25/1956            22-72170

Batres, Carlos                                     6/4/1982              22-72184

Resendiz Resendiz, Elias                 9/13/1996            22-72191

Parker, Jalaun Mikel                      4/10/1995            22-72287

(Also charged with firearm in commission of a felony, use of comp to violate state statute)

Afsharpour, Raymond Bejan       4/30/1971            22-72294 

(Also charged with Use of a computer to violate state statute)

Martinez, Rafael Palomo               11/5/1942            22-72386

Young, Celcy O'neal (Jr)                 12/10/2001         22-72429

Andrews, Mark Edwin                    8/24/1958            22-72432

Females Charged: Offering to Engage in an act of prostitution

Flanagan, Cecelia Kaye                   10/5/2002            2022-0072440

Pittbull, Natisha Ann                       8/26/1984            2022-0072455

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