Taipei photo
Mary Blakenship Pointer photo with City of Taipei Staff, Double 10 trip 2022. Photo Provided.
As detailed online at and in her essay for this December 2022 print edition,
Oklahoma City’s Mary Blakenship Pointer was the only non-journalist who journeyed with a delegation of American journalists to Taipei, capital city of the Republic of China (Taiwan) for this year’s National Day celebrations.
The observance in which Pointer participated is also known as “Double Ten” – so named for the historic events of October 10, 1911, when Sun Yat-sen led the Wuchang Uprising which utlimately displaced the Imperial government of mainland China, leading to the establishment of a Republic. After an alliance of convenience against occupying Japanaese forces during the 1930s and World War II, Communists and Nationalists warred in the post-years.
When the Peoples’ Liberation Army under Mao Zedong and the communists prevailed in the conflict on mainland, leading Nationalists to relocate the non-communist government to the island of Taiwan.
Over time, the autocratic government on Taiwan adopted free market economics, expanded political and cultural freedoms, and became highly competitive in free elections.
Taiwan emerged as the freest Asian nation other than Japan.
While in Taipei, capital city of Taiwan, Oklahoma’s Pointer met with key officials in the City of Taipei Government, including the mayor’s office.
Participating in the consultative meeting were those pictured atop this story, from left to right: Judie Lin, Specialist, Office for External Affairs, Taipei; Amber Yong, Researcher International Affairs of Secretariat, Taipei; Renno Liao, Social Media, Director, Mayor’s office for External Affairs; Tom Chou, Director, Mayor’s office for external affairs, Taipei; Mary Blakenship Pointer of Oklahoma City’ Weiling Chen, Section Chief, Public Diplomacy Planning Section, Public Diplomacy Coordination Council, ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Peter Wang, Specialist, Mayor’s office for External Affairs, City of Taipei.
Note: During the 1990s, while working for Oklahoma’s largest newspaper, Patrick B. McGuigan received the International Communication Award from the Taiwan government.

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