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Rainbow Fleet Child Care Resource and Referral has been honored with the Potts Family Foundation’s Family Positive Workplace certification. Facebook photo

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rainbow Fleet Child Care Resource and Referral has been honored with the Potts Family Foundation’s Family Positive Workplace certification.

A family positive workplace or employer is considered one whose policies make it possible for employees to more easily balance family and work, and to fulfill both their family and work obligations,

This recognition honors Rainbow Fleet’s prioritization of flexible work schedules for the agency’s 32 employees, including utilizing remote operations. A private lactation room and other amenities are part of Rainbow Fleet’s family-friendly features.

For nearly 50 years, Rainbow Fleet, a 501(c)3 organization, helps families locate quality childcare resources and assists child care providers with a variety of services including licensing and technical assistance, along with age-appropriate activities and curriculum.

“Fostering work/life balance for our employees is critical. We recognize the importance of creating solutions to help our professionals as they shoulder responsibilities in the workplace and at home,” said Rainbow Fleet CEO Carri Hicks.

“Inclusion on the list since the inception of the awards underscores our commitment to helping our employees, which in turn benefits the community one family at a time,” Hicks added. “Supporting our employees in an intentional way leads to a much more productive work environment.”

Rainbow Fleet photo

For nearly 50 years, Rainbow Fleet Child Care Resource and Referral has provided innovative child development programs to families and childcare service providers. Facebook photo

The Potts Family Foundation recognizes workplaces with policies meant to enhance employees’ ability to meet the needs of their employers and families, with flexibility to fulfill related obligations through adjustable schedules, family leave options or other benefits.

According to Rainbow Fleet’s program criteria, family positive workplace practices benefit employers, families and society. Research shows that employers gain in employee recruitment, retention, loyalty and productivity, all of which contribute to the bottom line.

“Congratulations to Rainbow Fleet’s leadership on putting policies into action for Oklahoma City employees,” said Family Positive Workplace Chair Craig McNeil.

“A positive, family-friendly work environment can make a tremendous difference in employee retention and morale, with better outcomes for young children and others who depend on a working caregiver,” McNeil added.

“The certification reflects a human resources investment that pays dividends to the employer and the broader community.”

The mission of the Potts Family Foundation (PFF) is to increase the effectiveness of nonprofits in improving their communities. The foundation does this through the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits (OCN).

The foundation also focuses on greater investment of people and financial resources on early childhood (pre-birth through five) development. This is accomplished through the statewide initiative, OK25by25 – a partnership of businesses, nonprofits, state agencies, legislators and foundations working to raise the wellbeing of Oklahoma’s children. The goal is to raise Oklahoma’s ranking to among the top 25 states in America by 2025 through education, advocacy, collaboration, and grantmaking.

“As we look to our 50th year in 2022, we recognize the impact of so many early childhood professionals on generations of Oklahomans through great beginnings, from school readiness and early literacy to after-school supervision,” Hicks said.

To learn more about the Family Positive Workplace and see the full list of honorees, click here. For more information about Rainbow Fleet Child Care Resource and Referral, visit

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