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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — The Oklahoma City VA Health Care System invites aspiring medical professionals interested in joining the VA team to visit the OKC VA Medical Center on Tuesday, June 27, 2023 from 9:00am to 2:30pm to attend a “Meet & Greet” with the Community Care staff.  

The Community Care department at the OKCVA is growing rapidly and in order to keep up with the demands, they have a variety of new administrative positions to fill: Advanced Medical Support Assistants, Lead Medical Support Assistant, Supervisory Medical Support Assistants, and Program Analysts.

The VA provides specialty healthcare for Veterans by reaching out to providers in the local community (outside the VA system) when the VA cannot provide in-house care or cannot provide care within VA established standards. Community Care is used to provide that care—on behalf of and paid for by the VA— through the Office of Integrated Veteran Care. Within that structure, the OKC Community Care department facilitates the associated medical referrals, coordinates care, and serves as a liaison between the VA Health Care team and the community providers.

Supervisors and team leads will be on hand at the OKC VA Health Care Wing to meet prospective applicants, share information about the department, and discuss details for the available positions.

Join the VA team! Bring your current resume, plan to tell us about your work experience and how you might be well-suited for the available positions. If you have any of the following experience, the VA is looking to hire you:

  • Medical scheduling
  • Referral Processing
  • Call center
  • Expertise in operating computer software
  • Supervisory experience in medical administration and the experience listed above
  • Skilled customer service manager
  • Data Analytics, Program/Data Management


We look forward to meeting you!

 For questions about the event please contact: Martha Tichenor, Chief Nurse for Community Care at 405-456-2117 or Andrea Adams, Nurse Manager for Community Care at 405-456-2030.

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