Ellyn Hefner
Ellyn Hefner is a special care professional and advocate for empowerment of Oklahoma facing disabilities. She has been endorsed in the Tuesday, November 8 election by The Oklahoma City Sentinel. 
Ellyn Hefner, the Democratic nominee in House District 87, was described recently in supportive literature as "a disability rights champion, having dedicated almost twenty years to helping families like her own find resources and support.
"Ellyn experienced the devastating shortcomings of the developmental disability service system firsthand with her youngest son. Inspired by her family’s experiences, Ellyn is running for the House to ensure that every Oklahoman family has access to the resources needed to thrive."
Hefner has catalogued the challenges facing parents and families with children with special care needs in many commentaries and analyses for The Oklahoma City Sentinel over the past two years. She is a born communicator, she is both able and uniquely qualified to convey the depth of assistance needed in such families – bringing knowledge and understanding to those unfamiliar with particular challenges facing many Oklahomans.
Her work in this area has already had a direct, practical effect at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Hefner worked with the Oklahoma State Treasurer, a Republican, and others in the majority caucus to make our state one of the nation's first focused efforts to develop an effective program of support.
Established in 2018 and known as OK STABLE, it allows “people with disabilities to save money without impacting necessary benefits.”
As she has pointed, the program functions similar to a 529 college savings program.
In 2021 -- with Ellyn Hefner shepherding knowledge, passion and people along the way -- a tax deduction mechanism was created for OK STABLE, with clear potential to steadily transform more lives.
This year, a good year for government tax receipts, the Legislature enacted a direct tax-financed cash infusion to provide resources for caregivers whose labor makes the program work in the lives of people needing special care.
When it gained final passage, it provoked standing ovations and mutual appreciation in the Capitol halls. In he halls of power, that’s not something seen every day, these days.
Hefner now wants to advance this and other objectives as a member of the Legislature.
She would replace an incumbent who left with time remaining on his legislative tenure.
His departure provides an opportunity for voters in District 87. Hefner faces a capable Republican opponent who won a tough primary fight. She may have a future in public policy debates and discussions.
The district is generally considered more "blue" (leaning toward Democrats) as a result the redistricting that followed the 2020 Census. Hefner is in good position to prevail, but she needs support from members of all three organized political parties, as well as Independents, to get to the Capitol as representative.
Hefner fits the district well, and she will be an effective legislator. 
The Oklahoma City Sentinel endorses Ellyn Hefner in the House District 87 election. 

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