Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is applauding the state's record-low unemployment rate of 2.5 percent -- the third lowest in the United States, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports Oklahoma’s November 2021 unemployment rate has declined to a new record low of 2.5% and remains the third lowest rate in the nation. The unemployment rate improved from 2.7% in October, which had been the lowest since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started using the current method of measuring unemployment in 1976.
 “It is encouraging to see our unemployment rate continue to decline and show that Oklahoma’s economy remains one of the strongest in the nation,” said Gov. Kevin Stitt.
“While we celebrate record low unemployment, we must also remain focused on expanding and training Oklahoma’s workforce to make sure businesses can hire and retain the employees they need to keep our economy thriving,” the state's chief executive said in a press release sent to The Oklahoma City Sentinel and other news organizations.
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Executive Director Shelley Zumwalt echoed the governor’s focus on developing Oklahoma’s workforce.
“To see any decrease in unemployment when Oklahoma has already fallen below rates prior to the pandemic, shows the prioritization of workforce growth by the Stitt administration and OESC,” said Zumwalt. “Additionally, we are seeing growth in hourly wages in the private sector that eclipse the prior wages from the last 12 months.”
The number of unemployed Oklahomans fell to 46,268 in November, marking the first month below 50,000 in more than 20 years and the lowest level since March 1980.
The robust employment percentage is reflective of the broad positive performance of Oklahoma's economy, despite national inflation pressures and other challenges. A strong energy sector is driving the state's economic performance, but nearly all sectors of tax receipts are up in varied economic measures. State Treasurer Randy McDaniel reported in early December that gross receipts to the Treasury were up by almost one-fourth over the prior year.
Note: Pat McGuigan of The Oklahoma City Sentinel contributed to this report.

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