The OK STABLE program allows citizens with disabilities, and their families supporting them, to access robust benefits to secure a better financial future. Photo Provided

By Wanda P. Felty

OK STABLE has made gift giving easier and the gift is a two-fer. When OK STABLE moved to Sumday as their financial manager it changed the on-line portal, too. Now giving the gift of a financial contribution to a person’s OK STABLE account is as easy as a few clicks of a button and it’s done.

You can choose the occasion for the contributions; congratulations, birthday, holiday, get well, just because and other occasions, then add your preferred gifting method, bank, credit card or debit card, and it’s done.

What makes these gifts a “two-fer” is any contribution (gift) made to an OK STABLE account is a state tax credit in Oklahoma. If an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or a friend who wants to help someone with a disability plan for financial security, they can make a gift contribution to the person’s OK STABLE account. If you know someone with a disability, ask them if they have an OK STABLE account.

If they do not, tell them to check it out at www.okstable.org and open an account. Let them know you would love to be a part of helping them save for the future, to meet their financial needs which also protects them from losing much needed benefits like Medicaid and other disability services. Go ahead and let them know that you get a bonus too.

Tell them, “you will have a tax credit because of the contribution.”

For those who do not know, OK STABLE is a savings account designed for short term and long-term savings. Before OK STABLE a person with a disability needing assistance from programs like Medicaid and disability services were not allowed to have more than $2,000 in assets, that includes savings accounts, cash in their pocket and funds in their checking account all combined. This rule made it impossible for a person with disabilities to save for things like down payment on a car or house or even a high quality motorized chair.

OK STABLE has made it possible for many person with a disability to save and spend money without the asset limitation when using an OK STABLE account.

My name is Wanda Felty and my daughter, Kayla has had an OK STABLE account for almost three years. We have been using the gifting option since we opened the account. Sumday management system has made this process so much easier. We know our family members want to give Kayla gifts for her birthday, Christmas and even “just because” — throughout the year.

Many times, they would call and ask what she needed or wanted.  I knew they were talking about what small gift, clothing, toy or even gift card for food, did she need. She really didn’t need items, what she needed was a customized bed that she, nor I could afford, and I knew our family couldn’t afford it either. I knew I couldn’t ask them to send cash because she couldn’t have too much money in her bank account. So, they would send a night gown, some small toy or something so that that Kayla would know they loved her and wanted to celebrate with her. But after opening the OK STABLE account I have been able so share the link to the gift/contribution information to our family.

I have even shared with them that she is saving for this special bed. Now our family members don’t think twice to send her a small little gift, and then make a gift contribution to her OK STABLE account. Because of this option I know she will be able to get the bed she needs and wants, and I know that our family and friends that live in Oklahoma will also get their share of the “two-fer” by receiving that tax credit.

NOTE: More information about OK STABLE can be found online at okstable.org.

Contact Ellyn Hefner ellynhefner@financialguide.com about how OKSTABLE works with Special Care Planning. Ellyn guides The City Sentinel newspaper’s coverage this the STABLE program.


Kayla, pictured here, is a young Oklahoman. She is directly benefiting from the historic OK STABLE” program – one of the most innovative programs in America aiming to benefit special care program beneficiaries to improve their lives, financial security ability to live life to the fullest. Provided Photo.

OKSTABLE’s Gift Giving Two-fer

Ellyn Hefner is a special care professional who guides The City Sentinel’s coverage of the OK STABLE program. . Photo provided.

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