city of okc

city of okc

The City Sentinel, Staff Report

The City of Oklahoma City is offering sign-on bonuses ranging from $2,500 to $5,500 to bolster recruitment efforts for 24 difficult-to-fill job classifications.

Jobs that qualify for a signing bonus range from entry level positions that don’t require a high school diploma to highly skilled jobs that require degrees.

“We have an unprecedented number of job openings right now and are facing similar challenges in recruiting and retaining employees as other industries and job sectors,” City Manager Craig Freeman said.

“We have spent months listening to potential, current and previous employees as well as leadership in all City Departments and believe if we can recruit quality people into these hard to fill positions, we anticipate they will stay and grow in our organization.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Oklahoma City is tied with Salt Lake City for the lowest unemployment rate reported for large metropolitan areas across the nation.

People can log on to to review job openings and submit their applications. 

New employees hired into positions that qualify for the incentive will receive their bonus up front. They must sign an agreement requiring them to repay the money if their employment ends before the end of their probationary period.

Probationary periods vary based upon job classification.

This is a list of job classifications approved for a signing bonus and the bonus amount:


911 Dispatcher I – Trainee

Animal Welfare Officer I 

Animal Welfare Representative

Civil Engineer II

Collection and Distribution Trainee – Technician

Crew Worker II

Grounds Maintenance Operator I – Trainee

Meter Reader

Plant Operator III

Police Report Clerk

Program Planner

Refuse Collector Trainee


Construction Equipment Operator I

Construction Equipment Operator II

Grounds Maintenance Operator II


Building Heat and Air Mechanic

Building Inspector, Provisional

Industrial Electrician



Fire Apparatus Mechanic

Master Mechanic

Skilled Trades Worker


Fire Recruit

Police Recruit


Concerning the offer of signing bonuses for prospective government employees, Oklahoma City Manager Craig Freedom believes “if we can recruit quality people into these hard to fill positions, we anticipate they will stay and grow in our organization.”

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