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Local bartenders competed to produce original, festive recipes for zero-proof beverages during the AAA Great Pretenders Mocktail Mix-Off held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, in Tulsa. 

The Mocktail craze is taking hold in 2023 in the United States surprisingly because they can be healthy. Americans are looking to reduce their alcohol intake in 2023. And 24% do not consume alcohol at all.

There are substantial benefits to cutting out alcohol as it is responsible for numerous life-threatening actions. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse reports that Oklahoma residents consumed 1.85 gallons of alcohol per resident ages 14 and over. Nationwide consumption was 2.45 gallons per person on both sets of statistics from 2020.

It is encouraging that Mocktails are a delicious alternative made with all sorts of delicious fruits and during the summer months helps to reduce dehydration. Watermelon is very hydrating and healthy, and a great refreshing drink is a watermelon margarita which is made with watermelon juice, fresh pureed watermelon from your home blender gives you a very refreshing taste. Just add 1 teaspoon of Agave, lime juice, and lime seltzer.

For a Blueberry Mojito add a quarter cup of fresh blueberries, one ounce of lime juice, one teaspoon of agave, and 2 to 3 mint leaves, and top it off with ginger seltzer. The Mocktail provides a very healthy and very tasty alternative with absolutely no alcohol.

According to Jack Bishop host of America's test kitchen, “sales of non-alcoholic drinks doubled last year, and many bars are expanding their booze-free menus”. More people are jumping on the Mocktail train because they taste great with no negative effects the next day.

According to spruce eats, the top mocktail is the non-alcoholic pina colada. There are almost unlimited healthy options for a mixed drink that are definitely catching on. 

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