Wilmington, Delaware —- Holy Culture Radio’s Dice Gamble and DJ Focus attended the Kingdom Choice Awards 2022 in New York City to participate in the event and do what "Da Fixx Morning Radio Show" does — expose the culture to positive but relevant music that keeps Jesus Christ at the center of the message.
According to press release sent to The Oklahoma City Sentinel, "They do this through their selection of music and #realtalk topics, but also by spending time with artists to bring their stories into the conversation."
“While they knew they were nominated, let's just say they were caught up in their work and taken a bit by surprise when their names were called as the winners of Best Podcast/Radio Show,” said James Rosseau, Sr., founder of the nonprofit organization that operates Holy Culture Radio (HCR).
“This marks their second award for the year, as they won a Stellar Award earlier this year.”
Since the expansion of HCR on SiriusXM Channel 154 in April, Da Fixx Morning Radio Show has interviewed more than 100 artists and/or industry influencers, including Lecrae, Jay Williams, 1KPSon, Brea Miles, Pristavia, Mahogany Jones, HeeSun Lee, Scootie Wop, Agape Music Group, Myammee, Wande, Tedashii, Sammy Praise, Porsha Love and many others.
HCR is a full-time edutainment channel that plays faith-based rap and rhythmic music combined with empowering conversations.
From introducing upcoming artists to discussions about Faith, Arts, Vocation and Education (FAVE), the channel features four daily radio shows and 10 on the weekends.
The station’s diverse programming includes:
* The renowned DJ Wade-O, who is best known for his spinning skills and insightful interviews with artists, pastors and leaders within the Christian hip-hop community.
* The Stellar Award and Kingdom Choice Award winner Da Fixx Morning Radio show.
* Old School Sounds, hosted by DJ D-Lite, takes listeners back to the genre’s beginnings.
* The Underground Gospel Hip-Hop Show, where Jay Williams helps to launch indie faith-based artists, personifying the notion of having a great time while inspiring listeners with meaningful messages.
* K.I.N.G. Talks, with open discussions on life to create an environment of effective communication and an atmosphere of compassion and understanding.
* Church on the Block, where Pastor Phil Jackson, Pastah J and DJ Ruckus engage in all-encompassing discussions and theological breakdowns of hip-hop and street culture and how the church can deliver hope. … and many more.
Holy Culture Radio is owned and operated by The Corelink Solution, a nonprofit founded by Rosseau that delivers curriculums “to help people develop their passion and purpose, create an informed plan, use provided tools to help them succeed, and establish accountability and ownership.”
To watch a "Holy Culture Radio sizzle reel" visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvKQ_HnwXk4.
Learn more at www.holyculture.net, or follow Holy Culture on Twitter (holyculture), Instagram (holyculture), YouTube (holyculture) Facebook (holyculturenet) and TikTok (@holyculture.net).
NOTE: Pat McGuigan of The Oklahoma City Sentinel prepared this story based on a press release from Shae Reynolds of Ascot Media Group, a firm based in Friendswood, Texas. 

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