endorsements art Nov 6

endorsements art Nov 6

Statewide Elected Offices

Governor – Chris Powell, Libertarian

Lt. Governor – Matt Pinnell, Republican

Auditor & Inspector – Cindy Byrd, Republican

Attorney General – Mark Myles, Democrat

State Superintendent – John Cox, Democrat

State Treasurer – Randy McDaniel, Republican

Labor Commissioner – Leslie Osborn, Republican

Insurance Commissioner – Glen Mulready, Republican

Corporation Commissioner – Jackie Short, Independent

Legislative races

Senate 22 – Stephanie Bice, Republican

Senate 30 – John Symcox – Republican

Senate 48 – George Young – Democrat

House 83 – Jason Reese, Republican

House 85 – Matt Jackson, Republican

Statewide Judicial Retention

Supreme Court, Yvonne Kauger, YES

Court of Civil Appeals, Barbara Green Swinton, YES

Oklahoma County Judges

District 7 Office 5 – Natalie Mai

District 7 Office 8 – Heather Coyle

District 7 Office 10 – Bill Graves

Oklahoma County offices

Assessor – Mike Shelton, Democrat

County Commissioner District 1 – Carrie Blumert, Democrat

County Commissioner District 3 – Kevin Calvey, Republican

State Questions

S.Q. 793  YES – (citizen ballot initiative, eye care choice)

S.Q. 794 YES — (legislative referral, “victims rights”)

S.Q. 798 NO (legislative referral, joint ticket for governor and lieutenant governor)

S.Q. 800 YES (Creates a fund for the investment of 5% of oil and gas development tax revenue) YES

S.Q. 801 YES (Allows certain property taxes to fund school operations)

Federal Races

Fifth U.S. Congressional District (Oklahoma City metropolitan area) – No endorsement

Fourth U.S. Congressional District (southwest Oklahoma) – Ruby Peters, Independent

Third Congressional District (western Oklahoma) – Frankie Robbins, Democrat

Second U.S. Congressional District (eastern Oklahoma) – Richard Castaldo – Libertarian

First Congressional District (Tulsa) – Kevin Hern, Republican

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