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The City Sentinel is a monthly printed and online news source serving Downtown, Central and Northwest Oklahoma City.

We have racks throughout the city.

Focusing on state, community and news, The City Sentinel is now serving as an independent and locally-owned source for news from the heart of Oklahoma.

PO BOX 60876 • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73146 • 405.740-8687

Patrick B. McGuigan, Editor & Publisher
[email protected]

News & Advertising information:
[email protected]

Lee Vincent, Content and Graphics Director
[email protected]

Darla Shelden, Reporter

Publication No. (USPS 566-340)

The City Sentinel reports the news 24/7 at

The City Sentinel is published monthly by Frost Entertainment LLC.  It is a newspaper, under Oklahoma law, published in Oklahoma County, primarily serving Oklahoma City. Each printed copy is 10 cents. Copying or other reproduction without permission is prohibited.

The City Sentinel
PO BOX 60876
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73146

Correction policy: The City Sentinel publishes corrections as soon as possible after the error has been brought to the attention of the editor.

The City Sentinel is locally owned and operated & a proud member of:


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