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Airport disturbance leads to arrest for knowingly transmitting HIV

A woman who was apparently too drunk to catch a flight is now facing felony charges after she bit one officer and brazenly told him she was HIV positive afterwards.

Emily Beth Foley, 34, is charged with a single felony count of knowingly transmitting the HIV virus to others. Foley also faces several misdemeanor charges including assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and public drunkenness.

Officers responded to a call in regards to a drunk woman who was attempting to board a plane at the Will Rogers International Airport and was becoming agitated with airport ticket agents. Foley was upset because ticket agents told her she was too intoxicated to board her flight.

Officers were able to make contact with Foley who appeared to be intoxicated. Police say Foley weaved while she walked and spoke with slurred speech and became increasingly uncooperative, dragging her feet and refusing to walk, forcing officers to physically remove her by placing her under arrest for public drunkenness.

During the arrest Foley is believed to have bitten one of the officers on his arm. Not long after this assault Foley told police she was in need of a tetanus shot and that officers should consider doing the same. Foley is than believed to have told officers she believed she was HIV positive.

As a result of her own omission Foley was subsequently charged with the felony to knowingly transmitting the HIV virus.

Foley was transported to the Oklahoma County Jail without further incident.