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Opinion, RE: Adam Luck, the Pardon and Parole Board and Harvard Values

Adam Luck, the Pardon and Parole Board, our Oklahoma, says, paraphrase, he has doubts as to the guilt of death row inmate Julius Jones – As a jury of one, a full jury of the public having already ruled; As a justice of one – The US Supreme Court already having reviewed.

Leave it to me, the Publisher of this newspaper, to remind Mr. Adam Luck, not only is his charge at the Pardon and Parole Board not to judge anything other than the content of a man’s character and his growth while in custody – Adam’s primary charge is public safety: The core metric and standard for commutational relief is public safety.

And when a man has been found guilty, sentenced to death for aggravated premeditated murder, and after 20 plus years in custody continues a harmful charade victimizing the living victims, the survivors of a deceased man, a man Julius intentionally killed subject to aggravating circumstances: Public Interest and wherein it is found – Public Safety – as policy, in the above context, is clear.

Furthermore, I would remind Mr. Adam Luck, this Oklahoma, with Oklahoma values and expectations prevailing, not – Harvard University.

Mr. Adam Luck along with his colleagues should be ashamed of themselves.

The suggested commutation of Julius Jones by Adam Luck and his colleagues, Oklahoma’s Pardon and Parole Board, should be denied – and the execution duly scheduled and timely processed in full.

Mr. Cory G. Charlston

Westfall Gooden Oils, Co.

Co-Publisher, Managing-Partner

The Oklahoma City Sentinel Newspaper