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Mother Searches for Missing Daughter: ‘’The Systems Are Broken”

A woman who has a history of mental illness and substance abuse issues is missing, leaving family members at a loss as to what to do next.  

The family is searching for 27-year-old Kylee Carr, who has been missing since Sept. 10, when she was last seen at a local motel at the intersection of South Meridian and I-40.

Carr’s family have been scouring area homeless shelters and camps across the metro area in an effort to locate her.   

According to family, Carr was admitted to Norman Regional Hospital in Moore on Aug. 21 for observation. Carr was then transported to Red Rock’s Stabilization Center in Norman where she remained until just recently when she was released without explanation.

Carr, who is court ordered to be admitted to the Oklahoma State Hospital in Norman, is no longer in charge of her own well-being, having her decision-making capabilities given to her mother, Charla Collins. Known as a guardianship, Collins is in control of all decision-making in regards to Carr’s well-being. 

Collins explained Guardianship was granted after the courts determined she was a danger to herself and others, exhibiting suicidal and homicidal ideations.  

Collins expressed her frustration towards the mental health system, “The systems are broken,” said Collins. “They were supposed to hold her until a bed opened at the state hospital, but they let her go even though there was a court order in place,” she said.

Collins explained she has guardianship over Carr and has been working to find adequate treatment for her. Carr suffers from a traumatic brain injury and is believed to be suffering from a form of psychosis.

“We just want her to get the help she needs,” said Collins. 

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Department at 405-701-8888.