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Information sought in homicide investigation

OKLAHOMA CITY- A man who lost his life from injuries he received in an altercation with an unknown assailant is being ruled a homicide by police.

39-year-old Calvin Harjo was transported to a local hospital Wednesday for what was believed at the time to be non life threatening injuries. 

At the time police were not involved in the emergency service call for Harjo, and it was believed they were not needed. 

Police were later informed by hospital staff that Harjo was listed in critical condition and was not expected to survive. Harjo succumbed to his injuries yesterday afternoon. 

Harjo’s death prompted officers to secure the original scene in the vicinity of SW 59th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

After further investigation it was determined Harjo was involved in an altercation with an unknown assailant.

Police have few leads to work with and are asking anyone with any information to contact the Homicide Hotline at 405-297-1200.