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Tinder encounter ends in kidnapping and assault charges for three

By John Morgan, For The City Sentinel

OKLAHOMA CITY – Three people are in police custody after they allegedly held a man they met online against his will at gunpoint and robbed him.

Luis Servondo Almanza, 21, Aaronanna Morning Martinez, 19, and Sierra Petit, 26, are charged with kidnapping and aggravated robbery after their arrest Friday.

According to police the three partied with the victim after meeting him on the popular social media site Tinder.

Police say the three drank into the early morning hours at a local residence when a disagreement between the victim and the three suspects occurred.

At the conclusion of the argument the three suspects proceeded to hold the victim captive at the end of a 12-gauge shotgun, this according to police records.

The three suspects then forced the victim into a car at knife point, holding the knife against his neck. Police say photos were taken of a red mark which was left on the neck of the victim from the knife.

The three then allegedly drove the victim to several locations to purchase an array of items and made several attempts to extort more cash from the victim’s ATM card, but were unsuccessful.

Police say the victim was held against his will for at least nine hours, if not longer and was eventually released by his captors.