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Opinion: The co-publisher’s position on Oklahoma’s death penalty

In light of the inherent bias in my personal view of my staff reportage on these pages on the subject of the Oklahoma Death Penalty, in general; Along with the two pending instances, Julius Jones and Richard Glossip, particularly, of offenders being scheduled by the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office for execution culminations pursuant to Oklahoma State Statute mandates – As the Co-Publisher of the Oklahoma City Sentinel dba the City Sentinel, a moment has been taken to clarify the position of this paper and the position of its Co-Publisher, viz. Mr. Cory G. Charlston, its partnership’s managing-member.

It is the Co-Publisher’s position pursuant to Oklahoma State Statute both Richard Glossip and Julius Jones, as instances of the class awaiting scheduling pursuant to statute on Oklahoma Death Row, barring appellate intervention, should be scheduled and timely executed, as mandated by the Oklahoma Criminal Code; While it is also the Co-Publisher’s position Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, our Governor, should not abridge due process, Oklahoma statute mandates, civil and criminal, exhibiting arguable bias as a breach of his constitutional mandates under the State Constitution of Oklahoma to timely enforce the laws of our state: The State of Oklahoma.

Furthermore, it is the Co-Publisher’s position all appellate conforming residents of Oklahoma Death Row, due to be scheduled, should be scheduled, and proceed to a timely execution subject to formal process, barring appellate state or federal intervention.

Capital Punishment, is not, post-trial, conviction, presuming a conviction, a matter of guilt or innocence. Process is the consideration – and in all such cases judicial process is both state and federally reviewed, at the appellate, for constitutional conformance. Barring appellate reversal – the Oklahoma criminal code as it is, is clear, with definite mandates and responsibilities to our public agencies and departments and the Governor’s Office and the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office: mandates and responsibilities which are not an emotive matter – rather, the law.

The Co-Publisher and Managing-Member’s position is clear.

Moreover – As a general matter, speaking to the aspects, the moral and ethical dimensions, of the Oklahoma Capital Punishment statute most spoken to by the opponents of the statute itself, a statute the Co-Publisher does support, if the newspaper, the Oklahoma City Sentinel dba the City Sentinel will be allowed at the staff level to publish a plethora of complex views on a complex subject: I would ask the reader, the public, to think deeply about, to-wit

  In 2006, a 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin, of Purcell, Oklahoma was kidnapped, raped, dismembered and found in a neighbor’s closet, marinated in barbecue sauce. The cannibal, Kevin Ray Underwood, admitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation he “got hungry.”

On the moral and ethical plane of the question normally spoken to on the subject of the Oklahoma Capital Punishment statute as it is: The Co-Publisher and Managing-Member of this newspaper has a clear position — How about you?

The Office of the Co-Publisher & Managing Member

Mr. Cory G Charlston

Westfall Gooden Oil, Co.