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Opportunity and Attitude

By Jack L. Werner, Ph.D., A to Z Inspections
The City Sentinel, July 2021 print edition

It is too easy to gritch, to complain about what isn’t right, what is not fair. We should not ignore injustice, big or small. We should select the actions that we are enthusiastically willing to undertake: vote regularly, volunteer with a group whose mission we believe in, help one young person to learn to read or secure their GED, pick up trash… the opportunities are unlimited. 

There are many specific ways that we could make a positive impact on our community, on others, and on ourselves. 

Before 1800, nearly everyone was born into poverty, lived (30 to 40 years life expectancy) in poverty, and died in poverty. The past 200 years have been what the scholar Deirdre McCloskey calls the “Great Enrichment.” The past 30 years alone have seen illiteracy, child labor, and infant mortality fall faster and life expectancy increase more than it did in the previous 200,000 years. 

“The Great Enrichment will remain unfinished so long as even one person continues to be sidelined.” (‘Believe in People’ by Charles Koch with Brian Hooks). 

I cannot change your life with a few words. You, however, can improve your life, you can accomplish the things that you have dreamed of accomplishing. “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind.” (William James, psychologist)

What I am asking each of us to focus on was summarized well by John L. Nau, III, a prominent Texas historian, “If you look backward, you’re going to run into something. You’ve got to keep looking forward to the opportunity—what’s the opportunity?”

I am not a professional counselor or a coach, but I have a wonderful life, a brilliant loving partner, and great kids. By continually desiring/striving to learn, I have built a great business with unbelievably fabulous people. 

If you think I might help you find your north star, I am willing to try.

Feel free to call me, at 405-412-7861.

Jack L. Werner owns A to Z Inspections, a commercial and residential inspection company serving the southwest. He teaches home inspections for Francis Tuttle Career Tech and Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) and Universal Design courses for the Oklahoma Home Builders Association, honored by the National Association of Home Builders Association as the 2019 CAPS Instructor of the Year. An ICC-certified Accessibility Plans/Examiner, providing ADA compliance inspections, Jack received the Mayor’s Committee on Disability Concerns “Clearing the Path” award. Jack serves on the board of the Daily Living Centers, a nonprofit providing adult day care. Jack served with the United States Army, December 1, 1966 – December 1, 1970; Russian linguist, 4th Infantry Division, K Co., 75th Airborne Rangers, two tours in Vietnam. Jack is a 40-year member of Rotary and has served as president of SOKC Rotary and SOKC Chamber of Commerce. He writes regularly for The City Sentinel newspaper’s print edition.