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University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma launches “Tradition of Different” program

By Darla Shelden, City Sentinel Reporter —

CHICKASHA, OK – Oklahoma’s only public liberal arts university, the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO), located at 1727 W. Alabama Avenue in Chickasha has launched a “Tradition of Different” program.

Doing things differently since 1908, the university’s mission is to educate the public on its distinct role among Oklahoma’s higher education institutions.

The initiative, which includes a new logo for the university, focuses on its abundant history as a liberal arts university, now called simply “Science & Arts.”

“The ideas that drive a liberal arts education remain as vitally important to the world we live in today as they were when this institution was founded over a century ago,” said USAO President John Feaver.

“Our mission is not to teach students how to memorize facts, but how to think critically about the facts they encounter and to develop in them both the confidence and flexibility to continually adapt to our ever-evolving, increasingly globalized society.

“I can think of no better time than the present to share our story with a wider audience so that young people considering college for the first time as well as everyone else in our state understands what makes our university such a special place,” Feaver added.

Four areas that Science & Arts believes it is set apart from other universities include education, faculty, culture, and value.

Science & Arts offers small classes, highly qualified faculty and an institutional commitment to undergraduate education. Its required Interdisciplinary Studies core curriculum empowers students with a broad base of knowledge in the traditional arts and sciences.

The university’s faculty become teacher, mentor, counselor and friend to their students. One hundred percent of Science & Arts’ faculty possess postgraduate degrees, nearly 90 percent have terminal degrees in their field, and hail from twenty states across the country and Scotland.

With a mission to serve students as individuals and not just numbers, the culture of the historic Science & Arts campus evokes a culture of inclusiveness and adds to the family-feel that pervades throughout the university.

Receiving a private school education for a public-school price, Science and Arts boasts of an education that includes a degree that sets graduates on a path for the career they want to pursue.

The university’s press release states, “it’s the DNA of that degree that provides a lifetime return on investment for graduates. Its liberal arts principles teach critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and life skills that serve graduates well in any career path or endeavor they undertake.”

The website ranks Science & Arts #7 on the 100 Most Affordable Small Colleges West of the Mississippi list.

“No matter what it is exactly that draws you to our institution, you’ve come for what we have built our reputation on for more than one hundred years: our “Tradition of Different,” said Feaver.

According to, the average cost per year at Science & Arts is just over $8,000, which is around $1,000-$3,000 less than other state universities’ in-state tuition cost.

Four out of five Science & Arts students receive some type of financial aid. The university’s Fast-Track Scholarship provides a summer tuition waiver for up to 14 credit hours, allowing students to graduate in three years.

“As Oklahoma’s only public liberal arts university, Science & Arts offers a comprehensive, well-rounded education with small class sizes and individual attention from faculty who are fully focused on their students,’ Feaver stated on Facebook.

“This new look, featuring Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, celebrates our long and rich history as a liberal arts university,” he said.

Daily walking tours of Science & Arts are offered Monday through Friday to best fit your schedule. The walking tour will last one hour and include a presentation from one of our Admissions & Recruitment staff members, according to the website.

High school seniors, their parents and high school faculty, who want to learn more, should visit

The “Tradition of Different initiative, which includes a new logo for the university, focuses on its abundant history as a liberal arts university, now called simply “Science & Arts.” Facebook photo
The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, located in Chickasha, is now simply called “Science & Arts.” Facebook photo