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Ten digit dialing to begin in April for 405 area code

By Darla Shelden, City Sentinel Reporter —

OKLAHOMA CITY – Last October, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission announced that local calls within the 405 area code could be made by either dialing the local 7 digit local number or by dialing the area code plus the local number.

In October“Permissive” 10 digit dialing began. Customers were encouraged to begin using 10 digit dialing (405+local number) to make local calls. However, local calls were still completed if local 7 digit number is entered without the area code.

The fall announcement included the fact that after six months, all local calls within the 405 would require 10 digit dialing.

Starting Saturday, April 24, all local calls within 405 will require 10 digit dialing (area code + local number).  

The move to 10 digit dialing for local 405 area code calls is necessary to enable the addition of another area code for the area currently served by only 405.

The additional area code (572) is needed to ensure there will be enough telephone numbers available for the area. 

Here is the schedule for local-call 10 digit dialing within the 405 area code and the addition of the 572 area code: 

April 24, 2021 – 
Mandatory 10 digit dialing begins. All local calls will require the area code + local number.  

May 24, 2021 – 
572 area code added to the area that had been served only by 405. 

The addition of the 572 area code will not change existing 405 telephone numbers. Also, there will be no change in the local call boundaries. Local calls within the area will remain local calls, regardless of whether the number called is a 405 or 572 area code.

The area currently served by the 405 area code is the second area in Oklahoma to institute 10 digit dialing.

The first was the area served by the 918 area code, which is now served by both the 918 and 539 area codes. 539 was added in 2011. 

“Consumer demand in homes and offices for landline phones, cellular and personal communications system phones, pagers, fax machines, modems, burglar alarms, ATMs and Internet access is straining the supply of telecommunications numbers,” industry officials told Tulsa World.

“We encourage people to start using 10-digit dialing to get used to it and to test the system so everything works,” said Matt Skinner, spokesman for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

“This is the time for school districts, businesses, municipal governments or any entity with a large database of phone numbers to make sure those phone numbers are programmed into their system with 10 digits.”

Ten-digit dialing will not produce any changes in local calling boundaries,” officials said. “Also, there will be no changes to 9-1-1 emergency or 2-1-1 information services.”

The move to “10 digit dialing” for local 405 area code calls is necessary to enable the addition of another area code for the area currently served by only 405. Facebook photo.