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Solar Power of Oklahoma completes renewal energy project for City of Norman’s UV Composting Plant

By Darla Shelden, City Sentinel Reporter —

OKLAHOMA CITY – Solar Power of Oklahoma has announced the completion of its municipal installation project for the City of Norman’s UV Composting Plant. Its solar generation system will offset a portion of the facility’s energy consumption.

This is a key step toward meeting the City’s goal of 100 percent renewable energy for electricity by 2035.

Mayor Brea Clark stated on Facebook, “We’re pleased to announce the completion of a new solar project for the City of Norman. Norman’s UV Composting Plant, which offers free composting for local residents, will now have a significant portion of their energy consumption offset by this commercial solar generation system.”

Norman is the first city in the state to commit to renewable energy as part of the Sierra Club’s Ready For 100 campaign. The citizen-led initiative encourages communities to transition to renewables as their primary source of energy.

“Congratulations to Mayor Breea Clark and the City of Norman on leading the way in the renewable energy sector,” said J.W. Peters, CEO of Solar Power of Oklahoma and president of Oklahoma Solar Association.

“Solar power will benefit Norman residents for decades to come,” Peters added. ”We are proud to provide the infrastructure to make tangible progress possible, day in and day out.”

Norman’s composting program was started in 1990.  Over 10 percent of the City of Norman’s total waste and recyclables is diverted to the compost facility.

According to the website, the city uses a natural process that does not require starters or additives. The compost is turned, and watered at certain temperatures and moisture content. This type of composting takes just a few days longer to produce, but provides a high quality compost at a low cost to residents. 

In May 2020, the Norman City Council approved a related measure, with the goal of implementing 100 percent renewable energy in all energy sectors by 2050.

The City of Norman’s UV Composting Plant, located at 398 Bratcher Miner Road, recycles more than 13,000 tons of yard waste, including leaves, grass clippings and tree limbs.

Processed compost is available without charge to the public. For more details, click here. To find more information about Norman’s commitment to renewable energy, click here.

Founded in 2017, Solar Power of Oklahoma is fully owned and operated in Oklahoma. The company’s solar advisors work with home and business owners to custom design solar systems, which are then installed by SPO installers. Solar Power has installed more than 1,200 solar energy systems for customers throughout Oklahoma.

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Mayor Breea Clark and the City of Norman are leading the way in Oklahoma in their goal of 100 percent renewable energy for electricity by 2035. Facebook photo