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Support your local sheriff!

Oklahoma County Sheriff P.D. Taylor. Photo provided.

The City Sentinel Runoff Endorsement

OKLAHOMA CITY – P.D. Taylor became acting sheriff of Oklahoma County under difficult circumstances in 2017. Soon thereafter, he ran in a special election – first securing the Republican nomination and then winning the special election for the top job. 

No one now in the race can match Taylor’s experience, wisdom, insight and professionalism. After 46 years without stain of controversy, at a time of challenge and opportunity for law enforcement in central Oklahoma, P.D. Taylor is the right man to keep the Sheriff’s office focused on law enforcement, community engagement and steady improvement. 

During his three years as sheriff, the women and men on his staff have done their jobs with integrity. The officers worked professionally during local protests, avoiding conflict and affirming both community order and the legitimate rights of those seeking change.

Challenging him for the GOP nod is Norman police officer Tommie Johnson III, who garnered a spot in the runoff after winning 33 percent of the primary vote (compared to Taylor’s daunting 48.3 percent while running first).  Johnson told a local reporter, “I respect [Taylor] with all my heart. He’s given a lot to this profession and has done it a long time. He’s a hall-of-fame officer.”

The City Sentinel believes P.D. Taylor has earned election to a full-term of office to continue the job he has started so well. 

The first step in reaching that objective is for Republican primary voters to support Sheriff Taylor in early voting or on election day, Tuesday, August 25. 

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