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Opinion: Oklahomans oppose defunding police, and support defending police. Same here!

State Sen . Stephanie Bice, R-Oklahoma City, is a candidate in the Fifth Congressional District of Oklahoma. Photo provided.
State Sen . Stephanie Bice, R-Oklahoma City, is a candidate in the Fifth Congressional District of Oklahoma. Photo provided.

State Sen. Stephanie Bice


Democrats are doubling down on efforts to defund those who defend America. Last month House Democrats, including Oklahoma’s Congresswoman Kendra Horn, quickly defeated a resolution that would support our nation’s law enforcement agencies and protect them from defunding.

That same week, House Democrat’s passed the Justice in Policing Act with punitive measures against law enforcement services and defunding police departments across the nation. Horn voted for this extension of the Democrats’ agenda that would enable the criminalization of police activity, limit the civil immunity of officers acting in the line of duty and limit the independence of individual police departments.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer threw his support behind a proposal to cut $74 billion from the Pentagon’s budget, a priority of the left-wing.

Where will they stop? The safety of the American people should not be a partisan issue, but time and again, radical Democrats have called for defunding those who protect our nation, whether in our local communities, nationwide or abroad.

The majority of Americans do not support defunding our nation’s police departments. According to a recent Pew Poll, 73 percent of the American people opposed cutting spending on the police, and only 25 percent favored decreasing spending on the police. The largest block of Americans was 42 percent, who said we should keep police funding where it is.

This means that Americans reject the defunding idea put forth by the radical left nearly 3:1.

While I recognize there are issues in American law enforcement, we must be careful to preserve what is good, while working toward solutions to fix poor police protocols. I’ve spoken with local police officers who said that many police organizations are underfunded and not able to provide continuing education training to officers in the areas of enforcement priorities and procedures.

Defunding the police or our national security won’t solve any problems and only poses enhanced risk to our citizens who depend on society’s most basic service of protecting life and property. Democrats are taking advantage of civil unrest to encourage legislation that fails to address the underlying problems of some police departments while vilifying our nation’s law enforcement.

It’s time to put politics aside and work on tangible solutions that impact the communities where problems are located. Democrats are only making America more dangerous for innocent people and their families by defunding those who work to defend us.

NOTE: A Republican, Stephanie Bice is running in the August 25 primary for the Fifth Congressional District seat now held by U.S. Rep. Kendra Horn, a Democrat.

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