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Republican Primary Endorsements 2020

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The City Sentinel Endorsements


Note: The endorsement philosophy of The City Sentinel newspaper, detailed previously in print and online, leads the newspaper to make the best possible recommendation as the nominees for each major political party.

Endorsements from The City Sentinel newspaper are an affirmation of the person endorsed – not necessarily a criticism of other candidates, unless that is stated in an editorial devoted to a particular race.

This aims to encourage qualified individuals to seek public office and serve our community and state. Endorsements reflect the preferences of the newspaper’s owners/publisher.

Our pattern has been to support the best candidate possible in the primary process, and await voters’ selection of nominees before final decisions are made for the general election.

We do not intend nor imply, unless otherwise stated, criticism of those who disagree with these endorsements.


Republican Primary Endorsements for June 30 election (Early voting began June 25)


State Corporation Commissioner: Todd Hiett

U.S. Senate: JJ Stitt

Fifth Congressional District: Stephanie Bice

Fourth Congressional District: James Taylor

Second Congressional District: Joseph Silk


Legislative Races

State House District 14: George Faught

State House District 52: Gerrid Kendrix

State House District 59: Mike Dobrinski

State House District 69: Angela Strohm

State House District 83: Eric Roberts

State House District 96: Preston Stinson

State Senate District 17: Shane David Jett


Other Primary Races

Oklahoma County Sheriff Republican Primary: P.D. Taylor

Oklahoma County Commission District 2 Republican Primary: Brian Maughan

Tulsa County Court Clerk: Don Newberry



The Village City Council: Sonny Wilkinson









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