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Concerning The City Sentinel’s philosophy for election endorsements — and a distribution explanation


Patrick B. McGuigan, Publisher


To Our Readers:

The June 2020 print edition of The City Sentinel newspaper is now reaching news racks around the Oklahoma City area. Some venues across the metropolitan region have not reopened or only recently reopened, so racks in some locations may be empty. Be patient as that issue is addressed.

Our endorsements for the June 30 primary elections in Oklahoma are featured in the June print edition, for both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

All endorsements are for the primary only. The newspaper will review all endorsements before any runoff elections and the general election in November. Additional endorsements beyond those in the print edition are possible.

Endorsements from The City Sentinel newspaper are an affirmation of the person endorsed – not necessarily a criticism of other candidates. This aims to encourage qualified individuals to seek public office and serve our community and state. Endorsements reflect the preferences of the newspaper’s owners/publisher.

Our pattern has been to support the best candidate possible in the primary process, and await voters’ selection of nominees before final decisions are made. We do not intend nor imply, unless otherwise stated, criticism of those who disagree with these endorsements.

In particular, The City Sentinel newspaper affirms, respects and cherishes freedom of the press, and the prerogative of other newspaper or news organizations to reach their own conclusions about candidacies and the public process – including the option not to endorse in some or any races.

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution explicitly protects the business and function of those who gather and comment upon the news. We support that and other provisions of the U.S. Constitution.

Distribution of the print version of The City Sentinel newspaper

Some of the June 2020 print edition stories have already been shared online (, while other stories will be slotted for online viewing today or over the next few days.

As always, we encourage readers to support local businesses, some of which are following careful ‘social distancing’ and face mask requirements. We believe those decisions in the current situation properly rest with business owners or with government officials in charge of the venues where events take place.

Proprietors or location managers in need of June or May editions who have been closed but are now reopened are asked to send an email to [email protected].

Those who do not have racks but would like to have papers delivered are asked to contact us at that email, as well. In those cases, we will arrange for delivery of papers as soon as possible.

Please watch online for additional details about endorsements, and the aforementioned new stories on other events, people, places and causes in Oklahoma’s capital city.

NOTE: Patrick B. McGuigan is publisher and editor of The City Sentinel newspaper, based in the heart of Oklahoma City. Online news 24/7 at, and monthly in print editions.

Pat McGuigan, publisher of The City Sentinel. Photo provided.
Pat McGuigan, publisher of The City Sentinel. Photo provided.’

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