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Oklahoma City government: No Curfew, no special I.D. needed, no permit required

Downtown Oklahoma City. Wikipedia photo
Downtown Oklahoma City. Wikipedia photo

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – You won’t need special identification or permits in Oklahoma City to prove you’re on your way to get essentials or work at an essential job during the COVID-19  and there’s also not a curfew.

Gov. Kevin Stitt issued an updated executive order Tuesday requiring vulnerable residents to stay home, closing non-essential businesses in Oklahoma City and other areas with COVID-19, prohibiting social gatherings of more than 10 people, and took other steps to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

The state’s restrictions and other local restrictions included in the City of Oklahoma City’s  state of emergency are enforceable by either state or local law enforcement authorities.

But they don’t include a requirement to have any form of permit or ID that proves you’re an essential worker, shopping for food or doing something that is otherwise allowed during the state of emergency. There is no curfew.

“We’re not pulling people over asking for ID or permits that show where someone works, and there is no local, statewide or national curfew,” said police Capt. Larry Withrow. “We’ve gotten a lot of calls from people concerned they need special permission to shop for groceries or get to work. You don’t. Officers will investigate credible, specific allegations of anyone who is violating the state of emergency, but they will not be stopping people just to ask where they’re going.”

The State of Oklahoma has a website at that has links to the federal and state information that defines essential businesses, plus an application to have a businesses added to the list if it isn’t already considered essential.

More information about the State of Oklahoma restrictions is available at

The City of Oklahoma City’s additional local restrictions, plus more updated local information on the COVID-19 pandemic, is available at .  The website also has a rumor control section.

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