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State Election Board urges voters to respond to address confirmation notice


By Darla Shelden
City Sentinel Reporter


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Over 181,000 registered voters in Oklahoma have already, or will receive an official Address Confirmation Notice from the State Election Board through June. The notices are required by state law.

State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax (pronounced ZEER-icks) encourages all voters who receive an Address Confirmation Notice to response quickly.

“A voter who receives an Address Confirmation Notice should confirm their address as soon as possible,” Ziriax said.  “Voters who do not confirm their address will be designated as “inactive and risk removal from the voter rolls after the 2022 General Election, if no voter activity occurs before then.”

The Oklahoma State Election Board press release stated, “Not every voter will receive an Address Confirmation Notice.”

A 25-year-old state law, (Title 26, Section 4-120.2), requires the Election Board to send Address Confirmation Notices for one of seven different reasons.

These include voters with a potential duplicate registration in another county or state, voters who surrendered their Oklahoma driver’s license in another state, voter who had a first-class mailing from the Election Board returned as “undeliverable,” or voters who have had no voter activity since the 2016 General Election.

A voter has 60 days to respond to an Address Confirmation Notice by either returning the
address confirmation card to the State Election Board or confirming their address using
Online Voter Tool on the State Election Board website.

If an Address Confirmation Notice is returned as “undeliverable,” or if a voter doesn’t respond
within 60 days, the voter’s status is required to be changed to “inactive.”

The release stated, “An ‘inactive’ voter is still a registered voter and can vote. However, if no voting activity occurs during the next two General Election cycles, those ‘inactive’ voters are required by law to be removed from the voter rolls following the 2022 General Election. ‘Inactive’ voters can automatically change their status back to ‘active’ simply by voting or making an update to their voter registration.”

“As the State Election Board Secretary, I want every eligible person to be registered to vote and I want every registered voter to vote,” Ziriax said. “However, I also have a legal responsibility to maintain clean voter rolls to protect against those who would attempt to harm our democracy by using outdated voter lists to tamper with our elections.”

To respond by mail, fill in all information requested on the card, then sign and date.  Fold and tape the Address Confirmation Notice so that the State Election board address is visible. No postage is necessary.

For more information about the Address Confirmation Notice process, contact the Oklahoma State Election Board at 405-521-2391, 866-607-7705, or email [email protected].  To confirm your address online, visit:

Voters can also contact their County Election Board with questions regarding their voter registration.

This is what the 2019 Address Confirmation Notice looks like:




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