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To set the record straight

Bob Kemper. Facebook photo.
Bob Kemper. Facebook photo.

February 7, 2019

To set the record straight:

The City Sentinel website, on Monday, January 28, 2019, posted a letter I submitted. The letter was adapted from a January 26 post of mine in response to comments by a syndicated columnist.

In the first paragraph, I quoted Bill Moyers as a premise for my remarks. I failed to accredit Mr. Moyers. I take full responsibility for my error for which I apologize.  

In no way should my oversight reflect on the integrity of The City Sentinel or it’s staff. 

Bob Kemper

Here is the paragraph from Mr. Moyers:
Social democracy is 100-percent American. We may be latecomers to recognizing a universal right to health care (indeed, we are not quite there yet). But we were first in creating a universal right to public education, in endowing ourselves with ownership of national parks, and, for that matter, in conferring voting rights on males without property and abolishing religious tests for holding national office.” Bill Moyers

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