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Matt Pinnell for Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma

Lieutenant Governor candidate Matt Pinnell . Photo provided.
Lieutenant Governor candidate Matt Pinnell . Photo provided.

The City Sentinel Endorsement


Matt Pinnell is a strong, clear and consistent multi-issue conservative. Despite a massive funding disadvantage in the nomination process, he worked hard to gain the Grand Old Party’s support for his bid to become lieutenant governor.

For a Republican, Pinnell’s consistency and conservatism is a good thing, not a bad thing.

He was an architect of the historic GOP surge of 2010, a shift in the partisan makeup of state government that could have transformed the Sooner State, but did not. Others (not Pinnell) have muddled the conservative message and fumbled the daily practice of governance.

The Pinnell Plan is both practical and possible. It combines nuance with vision. Study it for yourself online.

No matter who is elected governor on November 6, Matt Pinnell is the best choice to assure a passionate and principled voice is present at the top levels of Oklahoma government.

Restoration of Republican seriousness in public policy is by no means assured, but it is possible. It can only come if Pinnell is empowered to do what can be done to reverse the muddled mess of recent years.
Matt Pinnell is a happy warrior, who went off to the nation’s capital for a time to work for what he believed. He came home to make a contribution, to work for good government and for Oklahoma.

The City Sentinel
endorses Matt Pinnell for lieutenant governor.


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