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Mark Myles for Attorney General

Mark Myles, candidate for Oklahoma Attorney General. Photo provided.
Mark Myles, candidate for Oklahoma Attorney General. Photo provided.

The City Sentinel Endorsement

Oklahoma’s appointed Attorney General is deft at non-transparent behavior and special deals for political or legal allies, in the tradition of his two most immediate predecessors. Bad decisions and dubious behavior at the top of the state’s center of law enforcement are a bipartisan concern, one that needs a bipartisan solution.

That solution might as well come at this particular point in time.

Mark Myles, the Democratic nominee for attorney general, is a serious lawyer who has, unlike the appointed incumbent, actually practiced in Oklahoma courtrooms. He has argued important matters before judges. He has built a responsible, respectable and conscientious resume. As detailed through information reported in this newspaper, he is a good man.

Let the good man win.

Agreeing with a candidate on many or most policy issues is important. It is more often than not the most compelling reason to support a candidate. But if the last eight years in Oklahoma government has proven anything, it is that a person’s professed beliefs too often have little to do with actual performance in office.

The appointed incumbent is a close ally of leadership that brought confusion, dysfunction and the pallor of failure to state government. This inclines thoughtful voters across the political spectrum against that person’s election to a full term.

At the Attorney General’s office it is, indeed, time for a change. Put the best person running for the job, in the job.

The City Sentinel endorses Mark Myles.

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