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Are you well FORTIFIED?

Jack L. Werner, Ph.D. A To Z Construction. Photo provided.
Jack L. Werner, Ph.D.
A To Z Inspections. Photo provided.

By Jack L. Werner, Ph.D.
A To Z Inspections

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the April 2018 print edition of The City Sentinel.


No, that title does not mean “Have you had a stiff shot of whiskey?”

FORTIFIED refers to a new building standard developed by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety. You probably do not care much about those certifications, names, and designations, but you will care about these things:
•    Homes/roofs built to FORTIFIED standards have 60 percent less claim frequency and the severity of the claim is reduced by 40 percent.
•    Effective April 1, insurance companies in Oklahoma are required to begin offering discounts for homes with the FORTIFIED Designation Certificate. Insurance companies have 30 days to get the FORTIFIED program in place.
•    You live in a high wind and hail area. Reducing your risks pays in multiple ways.
•    You can get FORTIFIED designations for your entire home or just for the roof.
•    Getting the FORTIFIED designation for your roof is the place to start, whether your house is newly constructed or over 100 years old, or somewhere in between.
•    The FORTIFIED designation means less risk, less of your property destroyed, longer lasting roofs, reduced insurance premiums, and greater safety.

What is not to like?
For more information about how to make your home stronger, safer, and more resistant to high winds, visit

As a homeowner, ask your insurance agent, your roofer, or your general contracting about the FORTIFIED Designation for your home. There is a reason that Habitat for Humanity in Oklahoma City builds all its homes to the FORTIFIED standard.

Biographical Note: Jack L. Werner, Ph.D., owns A to Z Inspections and can be reached at 405/412-7861 or [email protected]. A to Z Inspections performs commercial and residential inspections. Learn more at  Jack has a construction degree from OSU and was Oklahoma’s first designated Master Inspector.  He teaches inspections as well as courses for the Oklahoma State Home Builders. The National Association of Home Builders named him a Master Instructor in 2017.

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