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To The Editor: Candidate thankful for ‘public endorsement, time investment, … resources’

Gary Banz . File photo
Gary Banz . File photo

The primary contests for the 2018 election cycle are over.  Hopefully you took a few days around July 4 to celebrate and reflect on the significance of our nation’s founding document.

In the second paragraph of The Declaration of Independence we find this phrase: “. . .gaining their just powers from the consent of the governed. . .”  It is upon the phrase “consent of the governed” that our republic, based on democratic principles, is built.

Each time you cast a vote it honors the sacrifice of those who have defended and are currently defending the Constitution and our system of self-governance.

Everyone associated with my campaign worked hard and hoped for a much different outcome in my quest to become the Republican nominee for Oklahoma County Assessor.  Each aspect of my election effort was designed to positively inform the electorate about my life experiences.  The will of the people who participated by voting was expressed.  I accept and respect the results.

Thank you for the significant role you played in this electoral process.  You will always hold a special place in my heart because you willingly accepted my invitation to embrace the inherent risks associated with campaigns.  It is impossible to list all the ways you rendered support, but the most obvious risks were public endorsement, time investment, and financial resources.

My faith walk teaches me that we do not know what tomorrow holds, but we do know Who holds our tomorrows.  It is with great peace and confidence I accept the challenges of each new day I am given to live.  Hopefully my days ahead will include you as we each find our place of service in our communities.


Gary W. Banz
2018 candidate for Oklahoma County Assessor
Member, House of Representatives 2004-16

Note: The City Sentinel endorsed Banz in the June 26 primary

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