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Hey! GOP Runoff voters – Have you heard? Cindy Byrd is the best choice. Make her “Number One” as Auditor & Inspector

The City Sentinel Newspaper has endorsed Cindy Byrd as the Republican nominee for Oklahoma Auditor & Inspector. Photo provided.
The City Sentinel Newspaper has endorsed Cindy Byrd as the Republican nominee for Oklahoma Auditor & Inspector. Photo provided.

The City Sentinel Endorsement

Cindy Byrd is the most qualified candidate seeking to become Oklahoma Auditor and Inspector. A certified public accountant (CPA),she is a member of the American Board of Forensic Accountants (OSCPA), and of AICPA (the American Institute of CPAs).

As the editor of this newspaper reported earlier this year, “Her audits have led to the indictment and or required resignations of six public officials who were engaged in waste and/or corruption. Byrd oversaw a team that completed 304 of the 411 recent audits performed by the State Auditor’s Office.”

Despite outrageous attacks emanating from penumbras in the imagination of one of opponents in primary election back in June, Byrd has kept her cool throughout the campaign. Sometimes, of course, keeping cool requires just enough venting (i.e. truth-telling) to make a difference.

In the final debate among the three primary hopefuls, Byrd forcefully rebutted smears uttered by her principal foe.

He is the fellow who has used his “famous last name” to hint he is related to the local district attorney.

It got far enough along that the D.A. had to respond with a quip: “For the record. I’ve never met him. I couldn’t ID him in a one person lineup.”
Levity aside, a strong case can be made that departing incumbent Auditor Gary Jones is the best statewide elected official of the past eight years. That conclusion is not based on his unsuccessful campaign for governor, but on his performance in the position voters chose him for twice.

Here’s what Jones said about Cindy Byrd:

Cindy is a leader who is respected by her staff and the public officials she audits. She is a staunch believer in transparency and accountability. Cindy is, without a doubt, the most experienced, most qualified, and the best candidate to be our next State Auditor and Inspector.”

Scarcely can we improve on that, but here’s our view:

Since 2011, Byrd has been on the job at the agency she wants now to run, as deputy to the able and dedicated Mr. Jones. He supports her, as do several Republican officials familiar with her performance.

For Jones and for overburdened taxpayers, Byrd has been an able and excellent Number One. She has earned a shot at the top job.

Her four-year mission: Enhance the agency’s solid performance in adverse circumstances, seek and identify yet-unknown examples of waste, unearth fraud and abuse in governance, and to boldly go wherever greater value and more ethical performance can be identified and supported.

In the GOP runoff on August 28, The City Sentinel proudly endorses Cindy Byrd as auditor and inspector. For Republicans serious about accountable and transparent government, and insistent on wise stewardship of taxpayer resources, vote for Cindy Byrd.

Note: This is revised and updated from The City Sentinel’s formal online endorsement of Byrd before the June primary.

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