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August 28 Runoff: Sooner rather than later, Republicans should nominate Matt Pinnell for Lieutenant Governor

Lieutenant Governor candidate Matt Pinnell . Photo provided.
Lieutenant Governor candidate Matt Pinnell . Photo provided.

The City Sentinel Endorsement

Some might consider it a miracle that Matt Pinnell made it into the runoff for the Republican Party nomination as Lieutenant Governor, although his ability should not be underestimated.
But after all, he faced Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy, who has clung to that job while seeking the state’s number two elective position. Nothing necessarily wrong with that – but there is something jarring about the way she has sought support for a new job.
In a few weeks this summer, 84 percent of her fundraising came from individuals tied to businesses she regulates as a commissioner.
Several things irritate about this – including the fact that Murphy herself made a big thing about this sort of thing when she ran for her current job.
Challenging a Democratic incumbent Corporation Commissioner back in 2008, Murphy criticized him for raising funds from individuals who had cases pending at the agency.
She even called her opponent “a lapdog for special interest groups,” saying that as “a career bureaucrat, he has relied on his power, special interest friends.”
But now, as Pinnell contends, “Murphy is engaged in the same exact practice she campaigned against.”
Let’s be clear: Her own words then are the best criticism of Murphy now, far more apt than anything we can add here.
And, to be clear about the merits in this race:
Pinnell is a strong, clear and consistent multi-issue conservative. Despite a massive funding disadvantage in the primary, he made it to the runoff. We endorsed him with a simple listing in our June print edition; we now make that support clearer and with more detail.
For a Republican, Pinnell’s consistency and conservatism is a good thing, not a bad thing.
He was an architect of the historic GOP surge of 2010, a shift in the partisan makeup of state government that could have transformed the Sooner State, but did not.
Others (not Pinnell) have muddled the conservative message and fumbled the daily practice of governance.
Matt Pinnell is a happy warrior, who went off to the nation’s capital for a time to work on electing more Republicans. He came home to make a contribution to conservatism and – more importantly — to Oklahoma.
Pinnell is the best, most positive choice to carry the GOP banner for an important statewide elected office.
For Lieutenant Governor, on August 28, Republicans should nominate Matt Pinnell.

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