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In County Commissioner District No. 3 primary, for Kevin Calvey

Kevin Calvey. Photo provided.
Kevin Calvey has earned the endorsement of The City Sentinel newspaper in the June 26 primary as he seeks the Republican nomination for Oklahoma County Commission, District 3. File Photo

The City Sentinel endorsement

State Rep. Kevin Calvey has served as a determined and methodical fiscal conservative in the state Legislature. The City Sentinel endorses him as the Republican nominee in the race for Oklahoma County Commissioner, District No. 3.

This is a positive endorsement for Calvey, not a slam of any other candidate. A military veteran and an experienced lawmaker – with two separate hitches at the state Capitol — Calvey is the best person for this job at this time.

When the multi-country grand jury released its widely anticipated report on the state Health Department scandal, we were among those dismayed that not a single indictment was issued, despite compelling evidence of deep dysfunction and mismanagement of taxpayer resources.

As Calvey commented when the report came out in May, the grand jury documented that the agency “deliberately spent money on .. pet projects, what the grand jury called a ‘sluch fund,’ rather than spending the money on core programs.”

In the comfortable environment of Oklahoma state government, where candidates campaign as conservatives and then govern as creatures of the system, few have the audacity and integrity to speak clearly, as Calvey did (and as he has done throughout his career).

He called on the attorney general’s office to examine the records from state House Special Investigative Committee hearings “to determine whether executive branch official testified falsely to cover up gross misspending.” There is not a shred of evidence the A.G.’s office did .

Government at all levels needs more people like Kevin Calvey to speak up, even when it makes the powerful uncomfortable.

Countering waste in government would free up resources, allowing taxpayer money to be used – as Calvey would have preferred in the Legislature – “for better uses like raising teacher pay.”

Arguments over the proper level of taxation and government revenue will continue. Regardless of one’s position on tax questions, surely Republican primary voters will agree that the clarity and bluntness of Kevin Calvey is needed in county government.

The Republican nominee in this race will likely the new commissioner for District No. 3.

The best choice for GOP nominee is Kevin Calvey.

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