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From a friend: Tom Guild should suspend campaigning and support Kendra Horn in the Democratic runoff for the 5th District Congressional seat

The City Sentinel publisher, Patrick B. McGuigan
The City Sentinel publisher, Patrick B. McGuigan

Patrick B. McGuigan, The City Sentinel publisher

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – When I was younger, philosophical rigor (which some marginalize as ideological) was the most important consideration as I looked at decisions about my votes in elections. It remains important but not quite controlling in my voting decisions.

Over time I have come to believe that the heart of a person seeking public office is an important aspect in my personal (including public endorsement) decisions.

The community newspaper I manage endorsed Tom Guild for the Fifth Congressional District nomination of the Democratic Party. I did so with a sincere heart.

We have been friends since 1990. In recent years, our differences on public policy intensified. That did not erode our friendship. I believe his heart is good and that he means well. I included him in our endorsement list on the merits as I perceived them at the time we finished our June print edition.

I believe the public interest is best served by having strong candidates in both major parties (and among independents and libertarians, as well).

The incumbent Republican, Steve Russell, is a formidable contender for reelection in November. I will have friends in both camps in the upcoming general election.

Tom qualified for the runoff despite a dramatic collapse in support after a serious lapse in judgment. He has apologized. I believe his apology was and is sincere. I hope voters will remember his idealism and his behavior on his best days, and forgive him for the signage incident.

I encourage Tom to suspend campaigning and to endorse Kendra Horn, who nearly won the Democratic nomination outright.

I make this request publicly without advance consultation with anyone.

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