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Editorial Discretion: For Republicans, Gentner Drummond is the best choice as Attorney General

The City Sentinel Newspaper endorses Gentner Drummond as the best choice for Attorney General. Photo provided.
The City Sentinel Newspaper endorses Gentner Drummond as the best choice for Oklahoma Attorney General. Photo provided.

The City Sentinel Endorsement

In terms of legal experience and courtroom ability, Gentner Drummond is the best choice Republicans can make in the Tuesday, June 26 primary. The City Sentinel listed him among those we support, in the June print edition’s primary endorsements. Here is a more formal and explicit statement of support.


If you believed every press release from the current occupant of the state attorney general’s office (whether from his campaign or his agency), you would conclude the state has never been in better hands. If you accept at face value every single news story about the challenger, Mr. Drummond, you would suspect some sort of moral leper wants to run the A.G.’s office.


We have different view, as do many attorneys who have both worked with and against this particular lawyer, and whose counsel we value.
Drummond is capable and intelligent.
The sum total of most of the assaults on his good name come down to this: He is a hard-working lawyer who has made his living in the bare-knuckled world of courtroom law, rather than in corporate boardrooms and the halls of governmental power.

And there is this: He is not an ally of the status quo in Oklahoma.


The current occupant of the office has sustained the spendthrift ways of his predecessor, rather than seeking the efficiencies that have been required in most parts of state government. That current occupant has repeatedly referenced the work of the multi-county grand jury investigation of problems in the Oklahoma Department of Health, as helping to make the case for his nomination.
While the report documented chapter and verse of the shocking scandal and diversion of funds at the agency, it required amazingly confused logic to avoid even a single indictment based on the evidence in the report.
Perhaps the more disappointing conclusions in the grand jury report are not really that surprising. After all, the guy in charge of the lawyers who guided the grand jury had been just about everything but a full-time practicing attorney until his appointment to run the state’s most important legal office.

Prosecutorial discretion is a one thing, but prosecutorial paralysis is another.


On the one hand, this current appointed A.G. wants to take credit for damn near every good thing that has happened in the Sooner State over the past 16 months. On the other hand, he says critics of his office’s role in sustaining (rather than ending) the shameful gap in the processing of rape kits by law enforcement agencies simply don’t understand how the A.G.’s works.


The view here about the current appointed occupant is different than his defenders have projected over recent weeks. We respect some of them but we have more than a passing understanding of the attorney general’s office. And we reach different conclusions about this election.

Priorities at the A.G.’s office are set at the top. Press releases distributed on the government’s dime do not always represent properly-arranged priorities. Sometimes they represent government as usual. And government as usual is the last thing Oklahomans want or need in 2018.


Happily, there is a choice.
Gentner Drummond will work for you, not for the status quo.
A few weeks ago, rebutting one of the dozens of attacks on his record, Drummond reflected:

The people of Oklahoma did not choose a lobbyist from Washington, D.C., to be their attorney general. He was handed the keys to that office with the stroke of Mary Fallin’s pen. Fortunately, the people of Oklahoma will have the final say in who serves them as attorney general.”


Once upon a time, only a few months ago, this primary was a close call, but no more.

With every vicious advertisement and hard exchange, it has become clearer that Oklahoma deserves better.


Have the final say. Vote for the alternative to the status quo.
Support Gentner Drummond for Attorney General of Oklahoma. 



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